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Shwetayash 2011-12-13 16:14:52


  Hi All,

I have a daughter who is 7 years. She is a good student. Her problem is that she is very slow in writing. & it is only worsening by the day. Earlier she would copy more than half  of what was written on the board. Now she barely manages to write 1 or 2 Q&A out of  may 8 Q&A.  Infact this time she has left her exam paper also blank despite knowing all the answers. I have tried reasoning out with her. But she is unable to tell me why she writes slowly. I have even beaten her for getting slower. I have given her time limit and told her to finish her work, within stipulated time, but that also she hardly is able to finish. I have threatened her, spoken to her lovingly, comforted her, rewarded her; tried every way that i know, but nothing seems to be working. She is just getting slower by the day. Her books are always incomplete, as result of which we have regular complaints from the school. Can somebody help me in tackling the problem.

mizzs 2011-12-13 16:47:33


Is this a recent development or has your daughter always had trouble wth writing? How does she do wit other fine motor activities? Does she need several breaks during these activities?

Take her to a developmental occupational therapist...who will give you a rating scale (and one for the teachers too). He/she will observe how your daughter functions not just in terms of fine motor skils but also trunk stability (seating is a major source of fatigue which int urn impacts writing) and muscle tone. The person will gve you a 'sensory diet' which is a series of motor activities which train the requisite muscles...if the problem persists, then you can evaluate at her visual processing skills and such.


Pari25 2011-12-13 16:57:21


 Hi Shwetayash,

It may help you to know that different children write at different speeds. Being a little slow at writing does not mean the child is less intelligent. As mentioned by you, your daughter is a good student. If writing is the only problem, you can always work on it.

First of all, decide on the approach you would like to adopt tp work on this issue. And follow through consistently. Children get mixed signals when we as adults react differently to the same problem at different times. As a result, they do not know  we expect from them and stop caring. So, beating her at one time, threatening her another time, rewarding her at one time and speaking with love another time will not be effective. I suggest you stop using beating as an approach altogether, no matter how bad the problem may be. Beating never works in the long run. Neither does threatening. So, forget about beating as well as threatening. 

She is your child. Believe in her abilities. Be firm but be gentle at the same time.

First of all, try and understand why she writes slowly. Is she bored? Is she afraid of something? Is there any physical issue like pain in the hand?  Many children hate to write for varied reasons.Most of the time. all they need is a slightly different approach and a little encouragement. I understand schools put pressure and you may feel worried about her coping in higher classes. However, sometimes we as parents will have to use our judgement wisely. After all, we know our children best.

Adopt a different strategy. Be positive. Encourage her in small steps. Show your confidence in her abilities. Praise her effort whenever she completes some writing. Take it one day at a time.Once she realises that you trust her and that you are consistent in dealing with the matter, she will gradually begin to understand you. Then you can explain to her about why it is necessary to write a little fast sometimes, especially in school. And once she knows that you trust her, she will definitely be willing to listen to you and write a little fast . You will do great. Just don't give up on your child.Check out the following two links to my blog. They are about children and writing. Though I have specifically written about younger children and their writing, you can always see if something similar works with your older child as well. All the best to you :)





sachpreet 2011-12-26 10:32:56


Teacher complained about the same problem for my son that he writes slowly.He is around 4.9 .But I never think about  threating or  beating him.Some parents in his class do that.So ignore for some time the complains from school.Believe in your child.Try to find out the reason.We know our child best.


Shwetayash 2011-12-27 10:41:02


Thanx for all your advises. HAve consulted a counsellor and in the midst of tests. Will be able clarify once the tests are done and results are given.

Thanx & Regards



payalvh 2011-12-29 12:50:39


hi shwetayash

so how is ur kid and what is the result and

what did dr. said abt this ?? 


shabanasajid 2012-01-09 15:24:28


hi! i am also facing the same problem . my son is also very slow in writing. please help if u receive any useful tip.


asha0206 2012-04-13 10:14:25


Many children face problem in writing. In some, it could be related to interests etc , but in some, the child could have an actual learning disability called dysgraphia. The solution to this is to consult a child psychologist for a proper evaluation and insitute remedial programs.



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