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jeethu 2011-11-30 09:20:28


 hi this is aparna,

please someone guide me. i hve two kids. elder one is in grade 6. the problem is with my younger one. his name is jeeva. he is currently 11 yrs old but still in grade 1. no matter if he is lagging two grades less. the trouble is he is unable to cope up with studies. he misspells the words. he is able to spell correctly but leaves out a letter while writing. when i go for arithmetics. he is very poor. i get frustrated and beat him a lot. please suggest me a way  to this .......

geetharama 2011-11-30 10:32:55


Hi Aparna,

    In this competitive world, Academics are really important. But there are other fields in which your  kid might be interested in. Talk to him and get to know his interests. Take him to a Counselor. Check in his school how his teachers and friends are with him. Whether any incident happened in school which has affected him. Rather than books, get him lot of other activities thru' which he can play and learn. Lots of  CDs are available that teach children in a fun way. Get him scrabble that will increase in English skills. Some kids like the play way method and it makes learning more interesting. Send him to Yoga or Karate or music classes that would increase his concentration and memoty power. Please talk to your Kid in a calm way and ask him to tell his problems to you. In this way, your Kid will defnitely do better. Please be patient with your kid and work things out together in a creative and fun way.    All the best for you and your kid.


Prinks25 2011-11-30 11:40:02


Hi Aparna,

I think geetharma gave a nice idea.... be patient. Beating a small kid can't be the solution for this problem. May be he is also feeling very sad as from friends and family he is loosing hope. So talk to him calmly.

Just one suggestion, have you heard about dyslexia? Your problem is sounding similar to that. You may go through the site mentioned ( If you think this looks familiar to you, you may proceed further.


illiana 2011-11-30 13:12:15


 thank u my friend. i got an apptmnt at parijma neuro diagnostic centre. definitely i will gve u feed back regrdng the results



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