9 year old boy telling simple lie and creative lie

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sripri 2011-11-08 10:45:27


hi my son who is in 3rd std is always telling simple lies.  i tell him the wolf and a boy story to him and adviced him not tell lie he is not answering for that and he is just laughing some times it is very creative  how can i deal him how can i change him he got very good memory power his creativity can be used in some other ways also but please help i am very much worried.

Ironmarine 2011-11-08 13:16:55



RoshMom 2011-11-08 18:53:56


Hi Sripri,

You haven't mentioned under what circumstances your child is lying to you. it could be one of the reasons. 1. to hide things from you and to avoid punishment, 2. to get attention from his friends.  3. Just for fun to trick somebody. If he is trying to hide something assure him that you are trying to help him correct his mistakes and will not punish him. 2. If he is finding difficult to make friends, help him find friends. Invite his friends over for a weekend dinner and help him mingle with them. At the same time when he lies, confront him that such and such incident never happened. 3. If it's for fun or if he thinks it's funny, tell him to use his imagination to draw and write it as a story or write in his journal and share his stories with others to encourage him to write more. I was reminded of one of the books by Marc brown in Arthur series - Arthur's classroom fib which has this same scenario. Hope this helps. 




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