how to make kids talk about school and their day at home...working Mom

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SuperMomSS 2011-10-04 14:44:42



My kids both of them 2nd standard and Nursery....dont come home and tallk about the school...I nderstand that if someone scolds them at school. they dont want to talk....but if their is something good happening, something interesting they did in school, which they were looking fwd for....i assume that they will come and talk it out with me..when i ask them.....if i don't ask them..they would never tell....My daughter is elder, she doesnt tell and i dont want to hover over them tot ell me things..else they would get more tempted to purposely hide it from me....seeing her, my younger son follows the same. Can anyone guide me?

RoshMom 2011-10-05 17:09:23



What I usually do is ask simple questions to my son to start with like Whom he played with during recess, what he played and the rules they followed, who all were absent, why etc.  If you know the portions that will be covered in that week ot month, you can prompt with options to remind them what they did in the classroom.

Then everyday we discuss about what he liked the most and the least aboutt his day. So he comes up with issues he faced and the fun part of the day. Even if he says that that math is boring, i just say "yeah I know.. sometimes it's boring to do the same thing again and again" or something similar  just to acknowledge his feelings.

 When he was very small during his preschool days, I used to ask him specific question instead of open ended ones like what happened after his snack time. before recess, before leaving from school or nap time. i.e ask him with something he is familiar with instead of asking him what happened during circle time or center time or in art.  And I keep changing the questions. sometimes i don't even ask him anything abt each class. This has always worked for me and nowadays even if i don't ask he comes forward to tell me abt his day.  But some kids don't open up. So try to avoid asking them the same question everyday. 


srsavi 2011-10-07 11:33:40


Even I face this problem. By the time I ,meet my son in the evening, his mind is already lightyears away from school !

So when I asked him how was school he will say fine . Then I have to prod what did you do, he will say played .  Then I started asking him tekll me 2 goiod things and two bad things that happened in school, that at least makes him think a little but the funny part is his One good thing will always start with " Today I did not trouble the teacher!!"



 Former member 2012-01-03 15:00:37


how about  doing a role play...

You can be a the kid and your son could be the teacher/maid whatever ...

I too have son and intial years i went through the same situation. Role play did help upto some extent. :) if you ahve not tried so far then you can try this.

Also i try secrect sharing  many timeine while sleeping.My son loves that and many times he himself comes and asks.

Let me know in case its working with you. Alos share your ideas if you have tried and working .





KalaSri 2012-01-04 16:17:47



I too have the same problem with my 3year old daugther. I will try these tips with my kid and inform you the progress

@Hi Prajakta,

Can you please let me know about Secret Sharing?




Cherri 2012-01-04 19:46:05


Hi Friends,


I am also facing teh same problem with my 3 year old daughter. she is not at all telling about the day at her school. Pls help me how to make her talk abt the what she did at school .






sreejaiyer 2012-02-27 22:00:51


 Hi friends,

I cannot agree more with what Roshmom is saying above. Children today have a lot of distracting and 'more' exciting things to occupy them as soon as they leave school so instead of asking them what happened at school, ask them structured questions.

When you ask structured questions, be careful. Children very quickly pick up on what you are 'really' after. So, pay interest to their ramblings, avoid the tendency to be preachy at every little naughty thing they tell you - else they will not open up to you.

Also, you can share your day with them to show them what kind of sharing you would like them to do. In fact, show them some of your childish side or talk about some goof ups you made, so they can start relating to you as a child does.

You share with people you consider friends at the end of the day. So, you will need to step in and step out of that role as need be.

All the best!




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