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kiri 2008-12-30 08:58:17


my kid(my brothers) is 10 yrs old and studying in 3 std with ICSE syllubus.  Problem is he dosent study at all.

* he dosent write

*he dosent read

*he dosent get the home work written in his diary

*dosent complete the notes given in the calss

Instead he always wants to play. Every one at home(including grand ma and grand pa) tried make him study telling him with love,by bringing gift etc etc ,but nothing seems to be working. My brother is a very calm person but he is loosing his temper. Every one at home scholds him and some time hit also ,after doing all this also he dosent write a single page ,he takes 2 hrs to do so. And it is not that he cant write or read he is quite intelligent.

It has bcome totally impossibe to make him study.

So if We could get some inputs from u all to tackle the situation we would be grateful.


Thanks a lot in advance.


Meera 2009-01-29 10:20:24


Hello Kiri

I think you need not worry much as class 3 is still a young age for kids-  time for children to enjoy a bit. You know my daughter never used to sit still in class until she was in class 2. She used to run out of the class and play. Thankfully her school tolerated all this...! I think you may like to set small tasks for him to complete- a page can be divided into half a page which he can write and then more. It looks like he has a problem concentrating, you can look at what activities actually make him concentrate ( painting drawing, puzzles etc) and then see how to help him transfer that skill into his studies. In case you are really worried, you might like to get him assessed by a qualified person to see if he requires any special help. Usually early interventions are good as the child will be helped to get over this problem. I dont know where you are based but if you are in Chennai, you can contact Alpha to Omega Centre at Kilpauk which is a centre that is involved in special education.

All the best





kiri 2009-07-15 18:58:41





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