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kiri 2011-09-27 22:07:44


I have two kids aged 6 and 1.5. My elder son from beginning is very agressive short tempere and problem creator.I managed him till now by showing love ,care, told him stories etc etc. But now he is not listining to anything.If i tell him with love,if i scold nothing is working whole day of mine goes in conviencing him for various things like eating food,playing,studying etc etc.I am totally unable to pay attention to my younger kid.All of a sudden i am feeling I unable to handle any more.if someone could guide how and what to do,i would be very thank ful.

aanchal 2011-09-28 16:10:09


the elder one's problem seems to have worsened due to arrival of a sibling..he is looking for need to manage two things here: sibling rivalry and his aggression..if in bangalore, i can try to help you out :)


SuperMomSS 2011-09-29 11:15:37


One idea which worked for me is that before the birth of my second child, my daughter was very possisive about the baby. Because she had friends who had younger siblings.  So as and when my son was born...i ahd told my dahuther that she is my baby and she will always remain my babay......the new one is her baby.....obvioulsy she couldnt take care of him, then she told me to make him keep quite or even requested me to put the enw one to sleep. Make him/her underatnd tha advantages of being discussion with Dad and Mom...autority to make decisions....some advantage over sleeping late on fridays or saturdays....whioch the younger cannot do.....Even now, every change I get, i highlight her things, only she can do..just because she is my younger one however, i separate used cuddle him and tell him he is my they both are grown up and they need equal attention. i cannot diferentiate between now everything i do i do for both of them..i ahve to take studies of the elder......i let my younger get his books and pencils and crayons and we all study together.....try this it might help depending on the age of your children....NEVER COMPARE THEM. NEVER LET THEM KNOW< THAT HE DOES THIS WHY CANT YOU, neither to the younger nor to the elder... my daughter is 8 and my son is 4 is going fine. I never tell my daguter to ler my younger go, because she is hate when we difefrentiate them because she is elder, she should understand and sacrifice is wrong according to me. now i have to treat them equally. SOme of these tricks might work for you....


kiri 2011-09-29 15:46:33


aanchal, i am put up in banglore it self so if u could tell me how can i contact u, it would be better



kiri 2011-09-29 15:49:58


thanku ,so much but i did the same thing what u did,i.e. we said it is his kid. He dosent have much problem with the kid he himself is very restless,not happy with anything,if u buy him is most fav.also within no time he comes with a new problem.

Anyways thank u so very much



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