My son cannot make friends

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Sharadha 2011-09-14 08:13:46



  My son is 6 years old. Every evening when he goes down to play, he picks a fight with some other child. Problem is he wants to have the toys that other children have. He wants other children to share their toys with him, though he has many toys of his own, which he would not want to share even with his own kid brother. When some child shares his toys, he inadvertantly breaks them, by handling it roughly. Because of this bossy attitude, no other child of his age wants to play with him and he comes home crying saying that nobody plays with him. I have reasoned with him many times, tried to make him understand that he should not ask for others toys and that he should also learn to share his toys with others, but only in vain.  This has become a daily routine everyday.

  How do I make him understand?






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