Need help in Hindi project given to my son.

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tanujaravi 2011-09-07 15:56:24


Dear All,

My 8 year old son  is in class 3 ( I.C.S.E ) .

His school has given a HIndi project to do. He needs to prepare a pictorial chart of Sanghya ( Nouns) .He needs to give information on Sanghya ( Nouns )alongwith pictures.


 Can anyone suggest me ideas , tips and suggestions to do the same.

Also can anyone in this forum help me with good Hindi websites  where I can get information on Sanghya ( Nouns )?





aanchal 2011-09-07 16:45:09


get a small book on hindi grammar. get the details. for example-pics, you can buy a sticker sheet book that has many pictures in it (it comes especially for making visual aids)..i think this should do. once i helped a child make it (almost similar project)..the content of the flow-chart was:

what is sangya

what are the different types of sangya

examples of each type along with pictures

so we used sticker pictures and tagged them with sketch pens.


tanujaravi 2011-09-08 10:13:18


Dear All,

My son  is down with fever, cold and cough for the last 3 days.I went to one of the  famous pediatrician near our house but after giving his medicines his cough increased, he ( dry ) coughed continously throughout the day I was very much worried,his throat became very sore.So yesterday I went to another pediatrician , let's see I am keeping my fingers crossed.Hope he recovers soon.He has a viral infection.He has not attended school too so lot of pending school work to complete once he recovers.

So busy in looking after him.Even I am in the brink of catching cold with a sore throat.

From this year onwards his  school is giving lot of projects for him.I already have 3 projects on 3 subjects  on hand.I am the one who does the project more than him.I explain to him in detail later.He is too tired after lot of writing in school , then doing H.W at home.He has no time to play nor to study , working on projects is completely ruled out.If other  NT childrens take 1 hour to complete the H.W he needs 2 hours to complete the same  because of his PDD problem, he needs to put lot of efforts  and time to do it if he does on his own. His brain doesn't  make it easy for him.Slowly I am making him do  his H.w at least on his own.Nowadays they are supposed to draw pictures on their own in all subjects, previously they used to stick pictures.So there is always some drawing or the other in subjects like science etc.I have started making him draw on his own and to my surprise he does it pretty well.Few days back he made picture of respiratory system from his  science book  on his own in first attempt and it was too good.It looked as though some adult has drawn it.I appreciated him a lot for his efforts because he needs a lot of appreciation for performing better because he is a shy child with low self-esteem.Moreover his few friends tease him in school and tell him that "He is not good in drawings,play  nor studies" which I told him was not true by showing him his above drawing.I told him not to let himself down by his friends teasing and continue his efforts.

I am doing more studies and putting more efforts for my son than what I did in my school  days.

I  am reading  a book which I bought from Forum - Landmark which has very good short social stories on friendship, family , Courage, hope , Laughter etc.The title of the book is "Chicken soup for the kid's soul". Do read  it.





tanujaravi 2011-09-08 10:21:52


Dear Aanchal,

Thanks a lot for your inputs. I will work on it accordingly.

Can you please tell me from which shop can I get small Hindi grammar book and sticker sheet book ?

Also friends let me know if there are any good Hindi websites to learn Hindi grammar?







tanujaravi 2011-09-08 10:30:25


Dear All,

Yesterday I visited a pediatrician named Dr.Srinivas.G.Kasi , near south end circle , Jaynagar for my son. I am giving his medicines.Does anyone have experience with him, how is he ?






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