11 year daughter very slow, clumsy and dreamy

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Ragam 2011-09-07 07:00:45



My child who is turning 11 soon is very intelligent and is doing good at school. There is a issue that she is very slow. Is it normal for kids this age to be very slow. She has to be reminded about the time always. She takes long hours for potty, bath, eating, doing homework etc. I have tried everything from talking nicely to scolding her but nothing works. She takes her own time for everything or she will be sitting and playing with her pencil or eraser. Recently even her teachers have noticed her and have changed her seat. How do I change her and make her more active and responsible.

aanchal 2011-09-07 10:41:14


has she been slow always or is it a recent development? if recent, you need to look into her social relationships, family events, academic level as at the age of 11 (pre-teens), children are very vulnerable and get hugely affected by their peers, teachers and various small things. if a longterm problem, it might be a part of her personality. not all kids are very fast and quick. however, if she is too slow since the very beginning, she could be having non-verbal LD and needs assessment and guidance.

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