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 Former member 2011-08-19 11:15:13


Hi dudes,

My son is asking me to tell a New story everyday, could you please suggest me some good books for interesting stories. No online story links please. I don't want him to catch up computer for everything.

Reading story books during Bed time is really a good habbit i hope. So suggest me Book name or Author name or Publisher name....

Thanks in Advance

 Former member 2011-08-28 21:50:38


I like "A story a day" by disney, It has 4 books for each seasons, total of 365 stories a day. I got this from grolier but not sure if you can find it seperately . These are just plain  stories with all walt disney characters, only good part is good vocab for young age. 


RoshMom 2011-08-29 09:31:42



We have "365 stories and Rhymes for boys" by parragon publishers. There is another book by the same Parragon publishers called "Bedtime Stories for boys". But it has only 29 stories.

Another one is "A Treasury of Tales" by Disney press that includes characters from Disyney pixar films. There are different collections in it such as Adventure storybook collections, Fairy tale collection, Scary storybook collection (not actually scary) and a couple of more collns..



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