how to give reading practice for myson class3

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kuttyappa 2011-07-28 19:43:53


 how to give reading practice to my son class3 , can you give me some ideas.

RoshMom 2011-07-28 20:31:36


Hi, By now your son must be reading fluently. In class 3 all you have to do is to develop the love for reading and make him realize the purpose of reading. To encourage him to read, take a membership in a library Everyday let him choose a book of his choice to read based on his interest apart from the book  you suggest him to read. Read along with him so that you can discuss about the book with him (partnership reading).  Make him read books of different genre such as humor, poetry, fiction (historical, contemporary), mystery, biography, non fiction, folktales, mythology etc When u discuss about a book, ask him about the main idea of the book, ask question on the content, characters, clues, ask him to visualize the content, predict what would happen, ask for different view, let him draw a conclusion, ask him to summarize, retell, look for idioms, exaggerations, rhyming words, poetry, author's style, new vocabulary,  learn about the facts, use reference materials, ask for his opinion and any similar personal connections or experience.  While reading concentrate on 3 or 4 aspects mentioned above and select books accordingly.  He is not too old to be read to. So read books to him. He will learn to be a good listener. 


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