Fire crackers dilemma: to do or not to do?

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mango_mama 2009-10-14 10:12:26


Hi all,

Wonder what all your thinking is in terms of fire crackers? Do you totally avoid or let the kids have their fun.

You see I was brought up with lots of patakas. My dad would get so many and it was all really a highlight of growing up. At the same time, I am environmentally conscious--the pollution, the money, how bad for asthamatics etc.

I want my kids to enjoy a little. Part of the tradition. Of course do a little not with so much aplomb. Try and avoid the very polluting and smoke producing ones like the pencils (small sticks that you hold and they go out. Like a flower pot or anaar) or hunters (the strips). But still..

So wanted to get some ideas:

1) How do you think about this and reconcile (traditional fun vs. environment)?

2) Which are the other really polluting firecrackers to avoid?


Lavanya 2009-10-14 11:06:48


I am in the same dilemma as well. Apart from the environmental front, one more factor adding to it is the child labour aspect of it. We all have heard that child labour is employed in the production of crackers. So, while I want my kid to enjoy a little like we did, at the same time I feel guilty about buying them :(

How about others?  What do you think?




sathya 2009-10-14 12:24:04


I too grew up with firecrackers. And new clothes, and gorging on yummy sweets and savouries. I have fond memories of it. We are doing firecrackers but are sticking to stuff that does not make too much noise - flower pots, chakras, sparklers, rockets etc., The kids get terrified by the loud noises also.  Of course, we are also doing new clothes, food and family visits.

MM - You make good points about balancing tradition vs environment vs money etc., When we went to buy Diwali fireworks we did talk about money with the kids. But the environment is another factor to educate them with.

We have a new tradition of our own now. For the last couple of Diwalis we have been up on the roof, next to the water tank, eating yummy snacks and watching all the "outs" go up in the night sky.






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