Stubborn and moody kid

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Deepalu 2011-07-21 10:35:00


 My daughter is in IInd class. She grasps things quickly, remembers well, corelates things but all this goes to drain once she becomes moody. In seconds she changes.If she is studying , gets a thought about T.V thats it to motivate her again to study becomes a tough task. I have to keep on repeating study... How can I make her realise to do her work.She doent like to be pointed out. Sensitive Parrot repeats what we say to her. If I raise my hand she doent hesitate to lift hers. I need help.

NJ 2011-07-21 18:19:51


Have you tried to find out when she becomes moody. If she is watching too much tv, then what kind of programs does she watch. Some of the cartoon have a lot of violence that can make children more aggressive. Looks like she needs behavior intervention.



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