Shark Teeth (Permanant teeth growing behind primary teeth)

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RoshMom 2011-07-18 12:57:42


Hi All,

My little one is going to be 6 in another couple of months. His first permanant teeth are coming up behind his primary (milk) teeth. Though I have read about this shark teeth(everywhere it says it's common), I am a bit worried whether his teeth will go crooked. Now he has nice straight row of primary teeth. anyone who has faced this situation, please share your exp. thank you.

busy 2011-07-19 13:04:54



My daughter has the same problem, the lower two teeth had grown and are not crooked, waiting to see the upper side tooth.



apster 2011-07-19 17:20:11


 Dear Roshmom/Carol,

This is one issue that was on my mind too a few months back, in fact I wouldn't say it's completely resolved yet. Please see my blog entry instead of my repeating the whole story here again :)

The teeth have grown out now, but I get the feeling that the new set of teeth are much bigger than her milk teeth were so are looking a bit out of alignment. Getting worried about the remaining teeth, so hoping to take her to a pediatric dentist sometime soon.

Will update you after my dentist visit if it gives any more clarity!



RoshMom 2011-07-19 19:11:52


Anita and aparna, Thanks for the replies.


did her milk teeth fall later? if yes, did the new teeth get aligned itself in the place of milk teeth after they fell? my son's milk teeth are still there and the new teeth have grown behind the milk teeth. I have also read that in rare cases, the milk teeth would remain along with the permanent teeth. I just hope it doesn't happen for him that way.


blogspot is not accessible from here..:-(... anyway i will wait for your update. Thanks.


apster 2011-07-19 20:41:53


 Oh I didn't know that - Sorry. Here's the content:

Oh for that gap-toothed smile..

 I cannot tell you how much I was waiting for it.. kept asking every parent I knew who had older kids about when their kids milk teeth started falling(anytime after 5 years I was told), looked it up on the internet of course and so on and on.. Was thrilled when D told me a few weeks back that her lower incisors were "shaking" :). So I waited.. and waited.. and waited.. for so long that I nearly forgot all about it.

Until last week when we were driving to Chennai and she was lying down on my lap I suddenly had this urge to ask her to open her mouth and look inside - only to find that her older teeth (or atleast one of them) was literally attached by a thread, nearly fallen but just staying in there!! And her new teeth had started growing at the back of the older ones!!! I was horrified and having visions of a grown daughter with uneven lower teeth asking "Amma how could you not realize?!"

The next two days were spent in persuading D to shake the older teeth, and hubby dear's expert extraction of the same!! She fussed a lot for the first one, but then realizing it wasn't too bad went along quite docilely for extraction no. 2 :).

How was I to know? I'm one of those people who don't have very vivid memories of my childhood especially pre-8 years or so. Some stuff here and there about friends and family and school, but nothing whatsoever related to falling teeth!! I always thought it was simple - they got loose, they fell and new ones grew!! No clue that so much assistance and drama could be involved :(. Wonder how many more of these parenting googlies are lying in wait out there for unsuspecting parents like me! Please if anyone reading knows of any, don't fail to enlighten me :).

PS: On the bright side, the teeth which looked horrendously inside are looking better positioned as they grow out completely :).

RoshMom 2011-07-19 20:56:15



Thanks for copying the content of the whole post. My issue is that his milk teeth are still firmly attached to his lower jaw.. They don't seem to be shaking at all... Let me wait for another week for some miracle to happen..


rukmini 2011-07-20 11:18:57


Hi Roshmom,

Even my son had/has the same problem.......

Even after the permanent teeth are fully grown, his milk teeth didn't shake at all.  We took him to a dentist and  got 4 of his milk  teeth removed. 

He is going to be 11 in another 2 months; but, so far only 7-8 of permanent teeth have come; there is no indication of permanent teeth coming and milk teeth are also firmly attached.

His peadiatrician has asked us to wait till he becomes 12..............


RoshMom 2011-07-20 15:27:44


OMG Rukmini, That scares me. At what age did he get them extracted?


rukmini 2011-07-20 16:35:12


Don't worry.........  It is nothing scary. 

We didn't get all  4 teeth removed at the same time.   I think we got them extracted from the time he was 7 years.   Getting the milk teeth removed does not cause any pain I think.  First time, we were also so worried.  But, doctor did it in a jiffy and my son didn't even realise it. 

Don't worry,  many of colleagues' children also had the same problem and the it is  very common I guess.



RoshMom 2011-07-21 10:26:25


He strongly believes that toothfairy would come and give him a silver or gold coin for every tooth that falls. Atleast for that sake I hope his teeth fall soon 


busy 2011-07-21 11:19:56



Yes her permanent tooth got aligned itself after the milk tooth had fall.  I dont think you need to worry much, but you can contact your doctor and get his advise.


smijacob 2011-07-21 12:05:59


Rosh Mom,

Same issue with my kid's teeth too..She is 7 now and we recently got her milk teeth removed. One teeth as the permanent teeth has already grown behind it and one more next to it as this teeth didn't have space to grow in. Now she has two  new teeths in that place but again space is a problem.So one teeth is slighly behind.  This teeth removal was done @ my native and doctor was an expert and he didn't scare us much :) My native is a small town so doctor's doesn't scare us :) Also he told that if you remove a teeth at this time, another teeth will surely grow in its space.So we are not solving the spacing issue.

We saw one doctor in Bangalore and she suggested for extraction. But as and when they grow their jaw size also will be bigger.So there is a possibility of this getting rectified on its own. But at the same time, we need to check it every now and then to make sure that this doesn't create any problems. We are also planning to check with one more senior doctor to get an expert opinion.

But don't worry about all this. Nowadays we get expert advice and many new technologies.So don't take tension. See one or two doctor's to understand whats happening and what can be done. :)

Happy parenting:)




tanujaravi 2011-07-22 10:05:04


Dear All,

I am a mother of  a 8 year old boy .He too has few permanent teeth.All his  milk teeth has not fallen.By what age  will all his milk teeth fall and will be replaced by permanent teeth.Other parents kindly help me to know whether it is common or I need to worry about it and consult a dentist.






smijacob 2011-07-22 11:27:38


Hi Tanu,

We don't have to worry about the milk teeth as long as there is no new teeth growth behind the same.The age in which all the milk teeth goes varies from kid to kid. So don't worry.



tanujaravi 2011-07-22 17:51:14


Thanks smijacob.




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