In the present world What is important making a child smart or making child a good human being ? and Why?

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tanujaravi 2011-06-17 09:59:10


In my opinion making a child a good  human being is very important then only he will be able to use his smartness in the right direction.

If the child is only smart and not good he will not be able to use his smartness in the right direction because the seeds of goodness is not sowed in him or her.I feel first the child needs to be a good human being and parents need to sow seeds of goodness in them first and then make them smart.

Do send in your inputs so that we can make it a healthy discussion?

 Former member 2011-06-17 10:08:52


 i think family plays a vital role in this ... tthe way they behave with others there childrens also behave like that...  i think smartness is very natural process that does not have to be taught..  but yah being a good humanbeing for the whole life is to be trained by there family members... i have a child of 5 years and my child is trained very well and i really give all the credit to my inlaws and his family as they behave very well with my child and in reward my child is also slowly trying that path........ so i really appreciate joint family system... ,,,  in my case.................. i think and i have seen in nuclear families a child is not trained as good as in join family..........


tanujaravi 2011-06-17 16:17:48


You are right family plays a vital role but  smartness is not necessarily a natural process because if it was then all children would have scored very well and parents would not have put children in various classes like drawing, tution , singing, dancing ,etc .They put them in these classes because they want their children to be smart in every areas.Smartness or intelligence is something which can be developed.We can make a dull child smart.I  had a classmate in my class who was dull  but the same boy became smart in higher classes and he scored very well in 10th std.

I appreciate joint family system  but I have a nuclear family and my son is well trained by me and he is a very good boy. So it is not necessary that only in joint family a child is well behaved.It all depends on how we train our child irrespective of the family system.

Nowadays most of the parents are running the rat race.They  do everything to make the child smart so that in this competitive world child  is not left behind like putting them in various classes like drawing , singing etc.

As a mother I don't prefer to be part of the rat race.I have not put my son in any classes.He is 8 year old and is in 3rd std. studying I.C.S.E syllabus. I  feel he will learn things as he grows I am not ina hurry  that my child should know everything right now .I personally feel Life itself is a learning process and we all will keep learning until our last breathe.I feel now also even though I have grown up I have lot of things to learn from life.There are lot of things which I don't  know.

Nowadays Most of the parents do everything to make their child smart but don't take interest in sowing good values in them.

The other day  I heard a parent boasting about her child who stole things of her friend in the class.The mother told that her child was very smart.I was really shocked to hear this.Instead of correcting the child for the wrong thing that she did she is praising her that she is smart..

One of the mother in my child's class told me that her daughter scored well by copying.She was not at all serious  that she needs to correct her daughter and tell her that she should not copy and score well.Other issues which I observed is that the child is beating , bullying , beating their grandparents , being too stubborn for toys etc , using abusive languages , young children showing lot of attitude that they are smart  etc. All these issues seem to be too small but we need to remember that every drop  make an ocean. Only if we correct our childrens when they are young and show them the right or good path then only they can become a responsible sons and daughters and future citizens too. When parents are old these childrens who have good values in them will definately take care of their parents and smartness is not going to teach them how to take care of your parents when they are old.



znljubica 2011-06-20 00:04:05


No great career without a personal fortune.
Therefore, parents must help the child's developing in accordance with her/him abilities and preferences.
It's easy to say but difficult to achieve.
Therefore, parents should be devoted to their children, and to be their mainstay.
Do not to project your own ambitions and makes them to child.


tiyu 2011-06-20 00:21:04



I believe good values shld b instilled in children from young age and yes parents and good school are very imp.till they r at home parents and other fly members can take care but once they r out they will pick things from others....we need 2 show them the difference between good and bad and teach them to pick good things..............


 Former member 2011-06-29 10:28:14


hi tiyu tajujaarvi and znljubica, my child is studing in a school near by my residence its just ten minutes walking... the school is upcoming and its an icse board the teachers the staff every body is too good..  there education system is also too good. my child enjoys at school and also studies well.. she has won many certificates from the scholl last year.. ia m very happy with my childs performance.. only problem is the crowd   ............ the crowd in  the school is very lower middle class the students come from very lower class family's so i am little bit worried regarding my child and her brought up.... i am really confuse what to do.... to stay inthe same school or not.... i am worried after growing up my child will go to there friends home... it will be very difficult for me to send my child to there places ...... if i change the school i have to travel a lot or send my child through bus services which my inlaws does not agree to that... ... what to do i am really worried about my childs future... i have tried speaking to inlaws regarding changing the school but they are telling if something goes wrong ... then u vl be responsilble for the same.... we are from well to do family very much confuse... please help me... with this problem.. have anybody face such a problem????????????


shenu 2011-06-29 12:37:56



Hi  Krishna7,

To choose a gud school( Definition varies from parent to parent ),and luckily you and your kid feels the present school seems suiting the best for u both.

Now cuming to the 2nd point of urs , pls dont demarcate the young children by middle class ( lower/upper etc)... see those r innocent kids yaar ,so far u kid is happy why to worry abt the future.Nobody knows what will happen tomorrow, u natural condn who knows u may relocate for some other reasons or u may stick on to this too ..If u really think that she might go to her friends place why not u accompany her for an hour or 2 to her friends place so that u also will be satisfied with ur kids environment my personal opinion its only human class there is no upper /mddle or lower ,if u r pure at heart and consider others like urself then there is no question of this coming to ur mind .only neatness  and well being matters out of all !! nothing else. if u feel they are in unhygenic environment may be that time u need not allow to go her friends place ,instead u can take to someother alternative place if ur kid is desparate !!


tiyu 2011-06-29 15:53:15


hi krishna/shenu,

hey shenu hope u well buddy.

hey krishna, whr in mumbai u live? well I understand yr problems and I disagree a bit with shenu..............its yr atmosphere which makes u is what I believe...........I live in borivali and there r so many options and so many schools.............I also agree that using a school bus is a little bad idea specially if yr child is a female..........if u take admission in a far school can u not pick up and drop yr baby, r u working? whats yr husbands opinion.

anyways I do believe that we being educated ppl shld not get into these standard issues but if there is a big standard difference definitely u shld shift yr child cause in future she will not b able to gel  with her friends and her friends will also b uncomfortable in gelling with her.  


 Former member 2011-06-30 10:16:12


 hi shenu and tiyu, u both r right in ur way .. i stay at malad .as per ur both discussion above i have come to a conclusion that let me see for this year if the things can just work out for me... as shenu told standard makes difference as my child have face such a problem while talking to the kids.....  shenu wr r u from.  and tiyu wr r u from at borivli my moms place is at borivli itself were u exactly stay... 


tanujaravi 2011-06-30 14:33:36


Hi Krishna, Shenu,tiyu

I agree with shenu and also with tiyu that at a very young age we need to show children  the difference between good and bad and teach them to pick up good things.

If you have confidence in yourself and your daughter and if you have taught her to choose good things she will choose good friends from the lot.In that case socio-economic status doesn't matter.

Krishna if the school is good in lot of ways then I feel you should go ahead with the school.Only on health grounds as shenu rightly said you may change if it is unhygienic.

When childrens are exposed to outside world they do get influenced but we as parents can always bring them back and show them the right path.If your children have good values in them they  will definately listen to you and rectify their wrong ways.





tiyu 2011-06-30 15:49:50



hey malad shld hv good schools........r u in east? I live in saibaba I asked u earlier how much is the standard difference if its not much no worries but  if its much then u must take care...........I lov all kids n I strongly believe whats their fault in these wordly issues............but at the same time lets take our own example kya hum apni bai ke saath picture jaate hain? kids r smart these days they understand everything..........


yeskumar 2011-07-01 00:29:49


A Child starts learning from the very first breathe he/she inhales from this atmosphere.

At Chidhood as they are not well exposed to the society  only parents are their inspiration .We have a better control in shaping their behavior at tender age.when they come out to see the society we must guide them abt knowing good and bad,perceiving whats going on outside and making judgements.We can make it  by continous talking and sharing our views with them.

My son is at 4 th class.When he returns from school,I used to ask abt what all he talked with his friends,,, Which friend does he like most...Which mam he doesnt like..and so on.One day he asked me ,"Dad who is higher?A Bank manager or A Businessman?",(Im doin business!),I asked "why da?",He replied,"Dad my friend says his father is a Manager and   he is higher than all".I explained him then that all the professions are just meant to earn money and there no higher or lower in it and finished by that...but he didnt finish...he threw next question,"Then Dad,why did you ask me to become a Doctor particularly?"

 there's no end for conversation we have with our kids and make them learn things.





 Former member 2011-07-01 09:51:25


 hi yeskumar good to see u joining the group, after going to all discussions above one thing i have notice which is very commom with every parents reply that it is parents who can motivate or mould the child in the way they want they are so amall god gifted kids.. whatever they learn from the surroundings or from there family or friends they are use to absorbe that... we the parents are solely responsilbe for all the training or brought up of our kid. as i am a housewife i am whole day with my kid i see to it what my child learns and how my child react.... THE DISCUSSION REGARDING CHANGING MY CHILD SCHOOL IS STILL A BIGGER TENSION FOR ME..... I AM STILL CONFUSED AS ALL THE CHILDRENS ARE GOD GIFTS... IF THEY ARE BORN IN DIFFERENT SOCIETIES THAT IS NOT THE CHILD PROBLEM..... 




yeskumar 2011-07-03 21:54:32


Hi krishna7,thanks a lot on behalf of my son.


tanujaravi 2011-07-25 13:08:56


Dear All,

My 8 year old son who  is in class 3rd (I.C.S.E) has been assigned a project on HOMOPHONES in school. I know Homophones and  the contents of the project only problem is the presentation part. Kindly give ideas as to how to present it in a chart form so that  it is self-explanatory for the childrens to  grasp.

Parents who have done similar projects for their children can given their inputs.

Eagerly waiting for your reply. I need to start working on the project as soon as possible and submit it before the deadline.






vijinarsi 2011-07-25 13:34:27


Hi Tanuja,

  See if you can get some pointers from this link, there is one pic representation in that


tanujaravi 2011-07-25 14:35:24


Hi Vijinarsi,




I went through the link but it just gives explanation on Homophones.

In his project we need to write  paired homophone sentences and  paste pictures accordingly to bring out the meanings.I need help on how to represent this in chart alongwith pictures.







tanujaravi 2011-07-26 11:19:58


Dear Vijinarsi,

Thanks a lot.I will  check the links  and see how I can use it.






tanujaravi 2011-07-26 17:58:24


Dear Vijinarsi

I checked the above link. , ( and  it turned very useful for our homophone project. It had paired homophone words with pictures.

Thanks a lot .






tanujaravi 2011-07-28 12:23:35


Dear All,

My son who is in class 3 ( I.C.S.E ) has a Surpirise Asset Exams of English, Science and Maths on 1st August  to 3rd August.


I have no idea as to what is Asset Exam and what questions do they ask in such exams.The school has not given any topic also.How should I prepare him for the same.What is Asset Exam and why such exams are conducted by the school?

In my times I never had Asset Exams.

Other parents who are aware of this  kindly explain me the same and also let me know whether is there any shop in Bangalore which has Preparatory books on Asset Exams for class 3.Kindly give me the name of the book and the shop where I can get the same.

Friends Kindly pour in your inputs.






rukmini 2011-07-28 14:10:38


Dear Tanujaravi,

Check the following link:


rukmini 2011-07-28 14:12:08



tanujaravi 2011-07-28 18:27:37


Dear Rukmini,

I checked both the links and now I understood what is Asset exam .It is really a good test .Every child must understand  the concepts they learn rather then only memorizing it and omiting it  in exams.

Thanks a lot for such a useful information.





tanujaravi 2011-08-08 10:22:06


Dear All,

Happy Friendship Day to all of you.

Yesterday my son's teacher has given paragraph writing on the story "The Rose Elf"

by Hans Christian Anderson.She has given only key words.I am not  able to make the story from the key words.I  myself don't know the story.I need to help my son to complete it.

Can anyone suggest me free links on the web where I can read such stories online .

Kindly provide your inputs.




vijinarsi 2011-08-08 10:48:16


Hi Tanuja,

  Googling out can help in such cases as it will throw some good contents with the Tittle "Rose elf story"

I found one such, check if it will help

Happy Friendship Day to you too..


tanujaravi 2011-08-08 14:30:07


Dear Vijinarsi,

I did google it and that 's how I came to know the title of the story and the author.

The teacher gave only the key words and not the name of the story and author.

Though I googled it  I never got  the whole story, only a part of it was there but it was not enough to know the whole story.

Thanks a lot  for the above link.I read it and now I know the  full story.










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