how to talk with11 year daughter about the Mc

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samidha 2011-06-02 15:13:10



i am mom of 11 year daugher and recently she  had statred her mc. i am very confused , that  why it come so early , what should i do for her health and to whome i concult ,  how i give her the information about this.

pl give me the guidence



imbarkha 2011-06-02 18:05:08


Hi Samidha,

I can understand you situation. I am mommy of 2 year old daughter but when i had my mc when i was 11 year old. I still remember my reaction, i was very shy kid and was thinking i have a major desease. Because i was too young to have mc my mom have not informed me in advance.

There is nothing to worry in that. It comes natuarally sometimes early for some girls. If your daughter is good in terms of hight and health that might also be a reason. Sometimea these days eating habit becomes a reason. You can also consult a gynic reagrding this and you will be more satisfied once a doctor will suggest you. I would suggest you to talk to your daughter and explain her that this is a natural thing made by god for girls and why it happens. tell her how lucky a lady is who can gives birth to a human being and this thing relates to that.

Let us knwo how your daughter responded and adujusted on this situation


samidha 2011-06-03 09:42:15


Thank you , i will consult to gyan




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