my 2 and half kid doesnt respond wat we say 2 him

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salmed929 2011-04-10 12:55:37


my 2 and half yea r kid doesnt  follow instruction but luvs 2 watch tv listens 2 music when he is in bed room and tv is going on in hall he cums running just 2 c it. he doesnot talk properly but bables just say mummy daddy no. when he doesnt want anything he shakes his head.when he wants anything he points his hand towards that thing. problem is that he doesnt sit at one place just runs here and there, doesnot reply when we call his name. he gets excitted when there r kids around him.sometime if i tell him 2 clap hand he does but its on his mood im worried about him  he is my second child his elder sister at his age was talking andwas understanding things and followed instruction wat 2 do? 

aanchal 2011-04-10 21:36:18


each child is different and its not fair to compare one with another..sibling comparison is very detrimental to their relationship in the long avoid that.

having said that, it might be a point of worry for you to see a slow development..but the fact is that many kids develop slowly in the beginning, but catch up later..whether its a slow development or a developmental disorder, you can judge that at home. i wouldnt be worried about speech part, as many kids speak late..but following instructions is something you need to the age of 2.6, your kid should be able to follow simple instructions (single action) like sit down, stand up, clap, jump..the more complex ones (double or multiple actions) like go and get the ball, come, sit and drink this, should also be present, but you can wait for another 6 months for them to develop..if the single action instructions are present more than 50% of the times, dont worry (as it means he understands but doesnt comply)..but if its less than that, try asking him those actions in privacy..make it a 1-1 affair..some children dont like to 'perform' in front of an sit down with him and make him do certain things like picking, putting, standing, sitting etc..if that doesnt work either, get him assessed by a child psychologist.


itsavi76 2011-07-07 10:27:27


Hi Salmed,

I am facing exactly the same problem. My kid does not speak . Still he babbles . His babbles have become more prominent recently.So we are hoping that he will learn to speak soon. BUt what is worryiing for me is that he does not follow any single instructions like sit , stand, bye bye etc . We are planning to consult a developmental psychologist in Pune just so that we have some assurance and mental relief. My son is 2.3 yrs old and also for this he is facing problem in nursery class .




salmed929 2011-07-10 16:29:42


thx but we stay in mumbai can u consult me a good child psychologist



 Former member 2011-07-11 11:06:22


Try umeed  center in mumbai they have dev ped coming to their center.





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