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sasivikrant 2011-03-17 21:27:15


Dear all,

I am from Chennai. There seem to be many centres providing speech therapy in and around anna nagar, I am worried if there service will be genuine or just money oriented.

Please help me in finding a reliable and good speech therapist in and around anna nagar.

Any reference from parents who have already gone to any speech therapist would be great.

Also please let me know if I have to avoid any of them too, as it will help me filter out unwanted options.

Thanks a lot in advance!


mizzs 2011-07-05 19:16:36


Try Sheeba Anand-she works in Anna Nagar, I think in Dr. KKR's clinic...let me know if you can't find the contact info and I'll try to get the address. She is excellent.


sasivikrant 2011-07-05 23:07:50


Thank you so much for the reply! I tried to find Sheeba Anands contact info through net and by going to this KKR website.. but unfortunaly I couldn't! Could you please be kind and share the contact information about her at the earliest? I shall be eagerly waiting for your reply!


mizzs 2011-07-06 16:12:51


I mailed you her number:)


naddu 2011-07-09 09:35:09



Mail her number also to me please!

Can she help a 14 year old?


mizzs 2011-07-10 15:36:33


I did...let me know if you got it...


 Former member 2011-07-11 11:54:02


Five speech therapy center, you can google them up, but their charges are too high, heard they are good though, the have multiple centers in chennai you can find on close to anna nagar.


shoby 2011-07-15 10:50:30


hai sasi,

if u r interested for a speech therapist in mogappair-which is close to annanagar, then i wud suggest one Ms.Nilavarasi, she is very good, she has a separate clinic and does a good job, she is near mogappair west bus terminus.


Banusekar 2011-08-16 00:27:43


Hi Sasi, 

My son also has ADHD. The BEST, AUTEHNTIC, RELIABLE therapist in Aminjikarai area Dr. Sai Krishna. He is devoting his life for such children and has got good experience in this field. Please do not hesitate to contact me for any queries. 




geegee 2011-11-07 15:32:43


i would like to know about any speech therapist who does a home visit. i have a daughter who is 10 yr old



VL 2011-11-07 16:46:48


hi geegee,

I  tried  a lot some 4-5 months back for my 3 yrs old kid but didnt materialize much. So i started taking her to speech Therapy center. She is showing little improvement.

May be you could try giving an ad in local news paper in your area e.g Yellow pages/ Adyar Talk/Adyar times etc(based on your area) 



sasivikrant 2012-09-10 21:01:58


Thanks all for your replies and suggestions!

Dear Shoby  >> Would you kindly let me know the address and contact number if any of Ms. Nilavarasi?I tried to find her contact info by googling.. but unfortunaly I couldn't! I shall be eagerly waiting for your reply!


geegee 2012-09-11 19:51:58


hey sasi,,

 well u can try one mr satish in thiruvanmiyur. he does an awe some job. it is very difficult to get a session. but he is worth it.. very dedicated and not money minded,,




shoby 2012-09-17 17:03:32


 hai sasivikrant,

i heard that Ms.Nilavarasi is not doing it full-time now as she has a baby, did u try with vijaya at SMF, very difficult to get slot, but very worth it, one of my friend told me about a place in mogappir west or nolambur (i don't remeber properly), if u want i can try to get that details.



aniii 2012-09-23 00:31:47


Hi Geegee please send me the address and phone number of Mr Sathish in Thuraipakkam..I googled but couldnt get the information



Lita 2012-09-23 10:59:13


Hi Geegee, Can you please send me the number contact info of Mr Satish.



brave 2012-09-30 10:22:43


swapna therapy centre at mylapore has good speech therapists

ms devi and mr subramaniam are good.

tough to get time .

phone 28473841


aislax 2013-03-05 16:32:48


Hi Mizzs,

can you pls mail Shoba Anand number?


aislax 2013-03-05 16:35:56



Hi everyone,

Can anyone give us a contact for a good speech therapy center in chennai? My nephew was identified ADHD and we are taking him to V excel in adayar. There is a little improvement in his behaviour and listening but no improvement in Speaking.

I got few names of person/center from the above threed but have not got the full info. if you would personally suggest some center/person that would be a great help. Also, please share your experience about the centers if you have already gone for treatment which you felt satisfactory.

Thank you,



CBHBM 2013-03-17 12:30:47


 Hi Geegee

Request you to send me the contact info of sathish-speech therapist,Thiruvanmiyur


Banusekar 2013-06-08 15:34:55


Can I get good speech therapist in Chennai please? Can I get number of Satish?


Leonanjalo 2013-06-09 11:18:01


You can try Hi Tone hearing that's near thirumangalam though not too sure about the quality, this is the centre suggested by Dr.Vijaya from SMF and she is a leading speech therapist.......


12dolly 2014-06-11 12:28:26


can I also get her number pls.

12dolly 2014-06-11 12:29:18


Can u pls provide me number of mrs Nilavarasi ..


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