How to judge if your kid has a learning/writing problem

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JSR 2011-01-12 11:39:31



I am a new parent who joined Parentree just today. I dont know how active this site is but after going through the site one discussion that made me join the site is about kids not writing or are very slow in writing.

I have a son who is 5 and 1/2 years old and he is completely averse to writing. From his LKG he was not very keen to write. Now he is in 1st standard and he still lacks behind when it comes to writing. But he is strong orally in all the concepts.

At present his school does not have the concept of home work, so i find it difficult to make him sit and do some writing work at home.

The inputs that i require is that if my child has any problem to not writing and also how we can judge if the child is able to understand that is taught to him.








RoshMom 2011-01-12 12:06:26


To know whether he understood the concept he was taught, ask him specific questions about the topics he learnt instead of asking 'what did you learn today' or what did your class teacher teach today'.. You must be aware of his syllabus and must be knowing to some extent what he has been taught. For example if the theme of the month is animals, ask him whether he liked the topic, what all materials were used in the class,  ask him to tell you something about his favorite part in that subject and pretend you don;t know anything on that topic and ask him to tell you something abt it. he will feel very special to be able to teach you.  you can easily find out the answer.


AMP 2011-01-12 13:35:37


 My daughter had the same problem. We used to even go to her school to complete her notes. Now that she is in 4th she writes in time.

a)She was brilliant academically.

b) Her memory was fantastic and grades were very good

c) She did not see the point in writing.

d) she used to get distracted easily only when it came to writing.

e) She was very attentive when lessons were taught.

f) I got her writing books and timed with alarm clock which was kept in front of her. I  showed her the point in the clock by which she had to finish as she could not tell time.

g) When she was slow, she made my life miserable and made me think if she was suffering from some disability. That she did it just to spite me.

f) sometimes children find few activities we elders give importance to as a waste of time.

g) I even took her to a counsellor which was of no use. He even went as far as saying that my pregnancy problem might have given rise to a problem in the child. He advised me to send her to tuitions, though I had told him expressly that I had no problem teaching her at home and the problem was only with writing in the school. I enjoyed teaching her and she enjoyed learning with me.

I truly sympathise with you as I know what I went through. Let God give you strength and patience.



Poonamtp 2011-01-12 14:35:01


Hi JSR ,

Can u just explain what type of problems in writing?

From your post, You wrote that your son is 5 and 1/2 years old then he should be in Kindergarten sr kg not in 1st std. Have you taken a concession in age for ur child is just a few days/months younger than minimum age for admission to std 1 If you hurry you will be hurting your child rather than helping him. You child will continuously struggle in a class where many of the other children are six to eight months (or even a year) older, with better-developed fine motor skills, and greater physical development.

For your child to admit in 1st std his age must be within 6 to 7 yrs otherwise you are pressurising him to write as his fine motor skills are not developed a lot. I just wrote this from reference to your post if this is the case then seriously u rethink again.



JSR 2011-01-12 15:41:05


Hi Rosh,

I do ask him what he did in school the only answer i get is who all were absent in his class for that day and which mam dint come to take class. other than that i get one standard answer as to nothing. As the present school do not have any exams till class V there is no syllabus that is given to us. They have internal assessments done in the class. Even i dont know what they take in class everyday. They have more of activity oriented learning.  He doesnt even pass other informations that is passed on to them to inform parents. At times his teacher writes in the diary, but sometime she doesnt do that.. I feel he is not attentive when the teachers are giving any info.

Thanks for the links




JSR 2011-01-12 16:27:06



I dont know if i am right but generally they say girls are pretty quick in picking up things vis writing and reading. I am happy to know that your daughter is doing extremely well now and hoping to get the same result for my son.

Its even more frustrating when you know that your child knows everything but still doesnt want to express it in writing, Thanks for your wishes.




JSR 2011-01-12 17:08:45


Hi Poonamtp

Yes you are right my son might be little early for 1st standard. He started LKG when he had just completed 3 years as he started pre kg at the age of 2. As the school did not object with the age criteria we also did not think at that time that there will be an issue like this now where he will be slow in writing and reading. He is june born.

In fact one of my friend's daughter is march born same year as my son, she too is going to 1st standard now as my son. But she is doing extremely well in academics. She reads big sentences very well and also writes question/answers. Please dont think i am comparing my son as every kid are not the same.

My only concern is should i repeat his 1st standard again. I checked with his teachers and my friends but they all said i am hitting the panic button too soon.

His teachers says if he is in mood he does everything fine, but getting him to do the work itself is a big task. I also get complains that he is very naughty in class and does not sit in one place in the class also.





RoshMom 2011-01-12 19:02:12



Though they don;t have exams in school till std 5, they will be having a lesson plan for each day. So you have the right to ask the class teacher what theme or topic they are going to teach for that month in science or social science and what is being taught in lang and math. I think you shd raise this issue during your next parents teacher conference. About your son not giving you any answer, Yes even mine used to be like that when he was 4. Then I used to ask him what he did after he went to school, or after his snack time or after nap / recess time. also i was aware of what was taught in the class. That helped me in asking appropriate answer.

Moreover you mentioned that he doesn't sit in one place in school for a long time. May be he feels bored in the class. How is he at home?. Does he concentrate on one activity for more than 10 mins. or is he hyper active? if so you try at home to make him do some activites that would help him concentrate on one thing for a longer time.  Try to involve him in art & craft activities or drawing, painting, solving puzzles depending on his interests.  


Poonamtp 2011-01-13 01:06:50



My son is also 5 and 1/2 years old he is in SR kg kindergarten his birthdate is 8Mar 2005. In sr kg only they have 3 letter (rhyming) words writing,spellings of 1 to 50 nos to write then colors spellings,months spellings etc so the portion of 1st std must be higher than this. My son also able to write 30 to 40 mins then he says my fingers are paining then I take a break. So for ur son, std 1 is really tough for his age beleive me so my suggestion is to repeat the class 

Ideal age to take the admission in std 1 in  Most schools given is 6 to 7 years as on 1st June 2011. So its really better to repeat the class though he is excellent in oral. Don't pressurise him. Please consider my advice you are not wasting his year. If u will talk to his Doctor he/she will also tell you the same thing that I told.

So rethink on this. 



JSR 2011-01-13 15:44:15


Hi Rosh,

My son's concentration level is very low and he gets distracted very soon. But both this is only when he is doing something which he is not too interested in doing. But if he is playing games in any one of the electronic gadgets like the computer, psp the iphone he will be stuck to them for more hours, but board games and puzzles the interest level fades in less than half hour. If i restrict to with all the electronic stuff and also tv then he is happy to play with his cars. He is crazy for cars and has a collection of more than 300 hotwheel cars.

Infact i had put him in skating classes to improve on his concentration level. But now with full day school i find it difficult to take him for skating.

I would not tell him as a hyper active kid. He is not one of those naughty types also. If he is at home he is busy watching tv playing with his father, playing with cars. And ofcourse if i tell him to do writing he will find reasons for not writing. And his standard dialog he will do it after 5 mins.  Now he has a backlog of work in hindi. I went to school to note down the work which i have to make him do in his pongal holidays. I guess i need to gather my patience and good wishes from all you folks because i know its going to be a incomparable task for me



JSR 2011-01-13 17:41:23


Hi Poonampt

Yes we are considering the option of repeating 1st standard, earlier the bettter. We are planning to meet the current school principal to have a talk with her.

Today also i received complain from his school bus conductor that he is being very naughty in school, doesnt sit in one place even during class and after breaks does not enter the class on time. I am at wonder as he is not completely different at home. He doesnt behave naughty, in fact even listen to what we tell him. He is very social and cordial at home place. All my neighbours like him so much as whenever he sees an elder person he greets them very cordially. But from school i am getting a complete different picture and outlook of him.

I am still trying to find out where things are not working fine.....


Alokvarshney 2011-01-13 19:25:25


special educator / clinical psychologicalist in Meerut ???? Does any one know??

or near by area

For examining / Learning Disability

Please e mail


Alokvarshney 2011-01-13 19:31:13


Please get  get him tested for Learning ability . By clinical Psychologist.

Read articles --


Google -- learning disability symtoms.

There might not be big problem,

but earlier the intervention better for child.



Poonamtp 2011-01-14 08:37:13



I think his behaviour in school is like this because he is with kids who are elder than him and so he is trying to behave like them. Check his friends with whom he plays most or sit or spend most of the time. It happens because of the company of hyper active friends also or for his age the syallabus or activites that teachers are conducting in class seems to be difficult for him so he don't pay an attention and gets diverted. I think these are may be the reasons.



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