Looking for a good inclusive school in South Kolkata

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dhoopchhaya 2020-09-16 10:52:48


Hi A long post, still requesting members to go through once, I need suggestions. My daughter is 6yrs old. She was absolutely fine upto her 4yrs age. Very talkative, jovial and playful with other children. At that time(2018) she was transferred from playschool to mainstream school. She is comfortable in Bengali language communication, but in school mode of communication is Hindi. After entering mainstream school following behavioral changes started : 1. Speech regression started and gradually deteriorated ( 1-2 word). Earlier she could make proper conversation and make complex sentence of 8-9 words. 2. Eye contact almost nil. 3. Response to name calling decreased. 4. Attention span deteriorated drastically. 5. Academic learning hampered. 6. Couldn't connect with other children 7. Phobia in some words : class, friend We went to NIMHANS in 2019 for diagnosis. Initially they suspected Autism Spectrum, but after watching earlier videos of my daughter they were confused€ couldn't confirm it as ASD. But to overcome the difficuties, they suggested therapy, special educator and shadow teacher in school. We stay in Dhanbad, here these facilities are not available. We used to visit Kolkata periodically for speech therapy and counseling and tried home training as per their guidance. Her response was improving, in a very slow pace, but improving. But the major difficulties were faced in school. No special educator, no shadow teacher, student teacher ratio was 60:1. She didn't sit in class, couldn't follow anything. In 2020 we located a new school in Dhanbad where student teacher ratio is around 20:1. But no special educator, no shadow teacher. Still we decided change school. Immediate after admission lockdown started, new session couldn't start at school. During lockdown, we noticed some positive changes in her behavior : 1. Eye contact increasing 2. tries to initiate conversation 3. response is better 4. Tries to make full sentence (4-5 words) 5. Attention span increasing 6. Interest in reading increasing Problem is there in communication with other people (other than family members), and in academic skills, specially in mathematics and handwriting. We feel there is a need of special educator's support in school. Now she is in Junior Kg (repeating). We are planning to shift to Kolkata, as there may be a better scope to support my daughter to overcome the difficulties. We are looking for a good inclusive school in South Kolkata, where a proper setup is available to meet Special Education Needs of the students. Please suggest accordingly.


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