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1uma 2020-01-23 00:00:41


Hi my name is uma, my son is 18 months old.. I feel like my son is hvin autism... He is having speech delay... If we call him sometimez he respond sometimes he will not respond back.. He keep on play.. He keeps everything on his mouth.. He opens youtube and watch baby rhymes if i take off the mobile he cries a lot sameway he wants to play in forum if i lft him he cries a lot nd start beating us... But he is very knowledged he throw off remote and assemble it again by inserting battery also.. He knows different btwn ac remote nd tv remote nd using accordingly... If i give him any key he runs to door and tries to unlock... He himself opens the tab nd check water level whether it is hot or cold... He sweeps home sometimez he used to cook in empty vessels.. He rides bike... If i dint do what he likes eg if i dint take him to shop or if dint give any key to him or if i close bathroom doors wen he like to play in water he flaps his hand.. Im confused.. Please help me

123bhavi 2020-01-25 04:00:08


Hi Join this group Post your query Someone can guide you

1uma 2020-04-22 20:09:21


Hi, can u please add me in that group My name is uma no. 8807588464


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