What went wrong? Developmental delays..confusion all around..Solution & Suggestions pls

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NeedPeace1 2019-09-26 02:42:32


Hi Parents,

I just want to seek guidance for my 5.2 year old son. We moved to Canada when my son was 1 year old. He started walking at 14 months and was very cheerful always. When he was 1.9 years we put him to daycare so that he can be around other kids. till that time there was no speech. But I don't know what happened in daycare, he did not played with other kids and used to cry a lot. Even his daycare noticed that his motor skills are behind. When he was 3 year, my wife and son went to India so that he can be around people. In India my wife visited 3 doctors but no one suggested her any therapy and said all is fine, at time boys speak late. at age 3 he used to say only 4-5 words. the one meaningful word was when he used to McDonald sign, he used to say Ice Ice Ice for Ice cream. We even put him to preschool. He made some progress in speech and started using 2 words also like "Give Water" he started putting ABC blocks in the frame accurately. When he was 4 year 1 month my wife and son came back to Canada as his Jr. Kindergarden was to start in Sep. First 2 months of Sep and Oct 2018 were really challenging. First he got scared from Garage door sound and from day 1 his teacher starting giving all negative feedback and believed he has some problem. We asked his pediatric and he referred my son for Developmental assessment. Dec 2018 till today he made great progress in his speech and understanding. His Developmental assessment happened in July and development doctor said that she believes that he IS NOT on the specturam but certainly he is behind in almost all areas specially speech. She suggested us to take speech and Occupational therapy. In last one year my son is toilet trained (However, he is very fussy to use toilet at any other places specially at public washroom he cry and shiver if we force him, with lots of efforts he started using it in school and at a few friends home but only for pee), he can sing from 1 to 100 missing few digits (Lacks clarity in sound) He know A to Z with A for apple to Z for Zebra etc. He likes bed time book and story like he can read almost all images and pictures e.g. he says Bear is hold nut and squirrel is holding blueberry, Bear shaking the tree, nut fell down, etc etc (Lacks little clarity in sound) he started demanding what all he likes e.g. Papa I need coffee, Pizza , Muffin and so many other things. he chooses and tell what to wear and which color. he use tricycle accurately but do not paddel. He can wear valcaro shoes, pajama, hoody and jacket. he talks a lot with us but not much outside.He uses many sentences in both Hindi and English. The problem is he talk lot of nonsense and repetition also.  He is not into too much toy play, imaginative play. He doesn't like to do anything with Pencil or colors. He can not write anything yet and can't fill color in a simple circle. His understanding is increasing but not equal to other 5 year old yet. When I do prayer and chant any Shloka, he pickup words. When I ask him to fill those words with me then he does it 100% accurately. Like If I say Vakra tunda....he says...Mahakye! Overall in last 1 year he has improved a lot without much speech therapy. (In Dec 2018 his school gave him 5-6 speech therapy classes and one other teacher used to take him to sensory area for basic skills) my son takes few rides but not too much into park play. He is very risk averse. He understand risks like if he is on his tricyle on the road and if any car comes, he gets to the side and at time says...car is coming it can hit you. As of know he does not do meaningful counting. He is very stubborn.  At home he does a lot but not outside. He doesn't play with kids but play with my friends if they engage him. Recently he even started asking them for rides in their big cars. He enjoys many rides in wonderland but not in parks.Please advise if any other parent has faced any similar problem and what step they took.


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