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8311 2019-03-19 15:13:30


Hi My son is in 2nd standard. Has learning difficulties and not able today absorb what ever is being taught in the class. I am looking for a home tutor who can teach him accordingly. May be a special educator. Or. Suggest any school which teaches the student according today his understanding level.

8311 2019-03-19 15:14:41


I am from Hyderabad, Attapur. Can anyone help me with a school or special educator

anmita 2019-03-28 17:43:20


Hi 8311

Pls pm me your personal email id, I will forward you the details of a teacher who may be able to help. She is helping my kid too.




swirl 2019-09-20 20:34:36


Hi have you considered online learning for your child?

VenuBaby 2021-01-31 09:58:39


Having similar scenario with my 7 years old daughter and need help to know whether any online learning classes or any approach which need to follow should hep her to learn with out stress?

Annu23 2021-02-25 13:27:51


Annu232 days ago Hi, I'm Annu. My son is actually in the 8th std but as diagnosed last year in the middle of the year by the school, he was corned and asked to leave the school. So in November I took him to therapist near my house and they told me after diagnosis tat he lags behind abt 3years.so it would be better to put him 5th class. So I had opt for new school since the previous one refused to accept him. In the current school I spoke to the principal n explainined her everything then she also took test n spoke with him n decided to admit him in 5th and told next year she would see his improvement n put him in 8th.but my son was and is upset tat I have put him in 5th std.this year he wants to go in 8th std atleast since he feeling sad n emotionally disturbed. I want to know Wat should I do and any school near iyyanpanthagal (Chennai) which will help him. Currently he is studying in Rishs international .he is very lazy to write and his handwriting is becoming worst. He is full time watching TV or movies. The principal n the staff have changed and I'm confused to whom do I need to talk. It's like Pls suggest me..my email ID is annunichani731@gmail.com.


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