Anyone facing similar issue ?

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Soumyajit 2018-04-11 00:55:17


My kid is 4.5 years. Not hyperactive, doesn't reject other kids but not overly friendly as well. Study level is alright, knows the numbers, can write caps and small letters, his name,  started spellings , understand instructions very well. 

Now the problem : He had delayed speech ,now he can tell his needs in sentence, answers in sentence ( short ) when something is asked but doesn't initiate any communication and often doesn't understand what he is asked to. He just answers something random if we repeatedly ask the question. 

He can't recall an event as well . Can say what was in his tiffin but never can say what happen in school/class. Same like if we go to park , he can possibly say where we went but can't say what we did until we give him some clue.

Often times it seems he doesn't try to remember what is been told to him. We are doing speech therapy for more than a year. No doubt there is improvement from where he was but the whole things is sort of stuck right now. He says things which is being taught and he can remember but he doesn't pick things from surroundings.  I am not sure what we should do next to help him . 

Does anybody faced any similar situation. What should we do ? I don't think ABA is available where we live in Kolkata . Should we go for medicine treatment, so far he never needed any because apart from not remembering things and not being able to answer things properly there isn't much "difference" than with same age group kids . 

Please do let me know if anyone can suggest anything . Thanks 


Muddassir 2018-04-11 13:46:37


Dont worry, he will pick up things, keep on encouraging him...give him a positive environment

Arunagarwal 2018-11-21 15:37:22


I think you should ask him to remember things which you intend toask him later...and check whether he is able to remember what he was asked to....secondly keep him very happy ..because i think the more happy he is the better he can remember things...

 Former member 2018-11-30 16:47:58


Talk to his school teacher, how he is foung there and does he remembers what he studies? He may be absent minded so you try some mind games with him.


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