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Anji2008 2017-11-26 13:00:20


My son is studying in Grade 3. I am facing lots of problem regarding his writing. His teachers always complain me regarding his unwillingness to write. He don't write in his class, his works are incomplete, in his exams he don't complete his questions and answers. Otherwise teachers and we also feel that he is brilliant child. If we ask him anything orally he can can answer everything promptly. But when it comes to writing he just don't write. And in class he get easily distracted, very much unstable. I did counselling with child psychologist and they told me that my child has ADHD problem. And I don't know how to cure this problem and make him write like other students else all his knowledge will be wasted and he will be given transfer from his school. Kindly give me some suggestions and solutions.

prabhavmom 2017-11-27 10:44:25


Dear Anji2008,

FOR GODS SAKE!!!! don't come to a conclusion that ur child has ADHD problem. I have seen many children whose doesn't show much interest in writing....but at the end of the day they excel in studies. All children are not same. Every body are unique. They got their own potential. It depends on how u handle the child, how u deal with the child. Don't ever insist on writing part. he may become adamant. once if he lose interest, things may become more complicated.
Find out his areas of interest, encourage him. even my son doesn't like to finish off his works, he always want to hang out to play. he is also in grade 3.
I have learned to handle this kind of situations. Like... i will get into his shoes and say "chalo its ok.... first u play and then come back to studies....he feels happy. he himself give a thought that he has been allowed to play, at the same time he doesn't forget to finish his work .
Child getting distracted and unstable is all about attention seeking attitude. Tell his class teachers to make him sit in the first bench and focus on him. I mean request them to take personal interest.  Slowly and steadily make him write at home everyday. ask him to write without seeing , whatever he has learnt. Pat him for his good work. it all depends on how u encourage him. slowly increase his study hours. Don't make him sit for so long from day 1. 
Have loads of patience. Don't worry. All the best



Anji2008 2017-11-27 13:55:15


Dear Prabhavmom, Thank you so much for lighten up my tension, actually the schools nowadays became very much competitive, they give so many load of studies to children they become frustrated. My child has to appear in weekly test every Monday, the keep on calling parents and complaining that our child is not writing and for him other students also get distracted. Everyday they will come up with lots of project work and home work. So in the process of completing his school work he don't get time to play. So I don't know how to manage all. But lets hope I can take care of his problems and resolve it. Thanks again for your suggestion. Regards

Brags 2017-12-09 18:08:25


Hi Can any one suggest is it better to look for an alternate method of learning. My daughter has exactly same problem which was narrated by Anji2008. Currently my daughter is pursing class II in CBSE. Can any one suggest any other curriculum other CBSE which will help kids with the problem as narrated above Regards


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