How to screen the IQ for Downs kids?

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yeskumar 2010-08-28 13:12:17


Are there any tests available to screen the IQ of Downs kids,any therapies and methods to improve their  mental and intellectual capabalities?

 Former member 2010-08-28 16:28:20



There are tests for assessing the IQ for children.These tests are usually done by Clinical Psychologists/Psychiatrists.Any of the hospitals that employ the services of a Clinical Psychologist should be able to test.

From your question its not clear if the child you are referring to has a confirmed diagnosis for Down's Syndrome.If so you may be needing other evaluations such as Speech and language evaluation, and Occupational therapy assessment etc.All these can be done together at Dr.S.R.Chandrasekhar Institute of Speech and Hearing (Dr.SRCISH) in Hennur Road.


yeskumar 2010-08-29 00:44:26


Thank U friend ! Im still looking for hospitals or other training centers specific for Downs Syndrome!The one u have referred is at Bnglre I think! Again thanks for ur concern!


 Former member 2010-08-29 15:31:34


You are welcome.I am sorry I assumed you were based out of Bangalore.I apologize for the confusion.

As a Speech therapist/Audiologist who has worked in both India and the US I have worked with many children with different conditions.In both countries children with down's syndrome have been attending classes along with peers with other disabilities.Since I returned to India only a year ago i dont know much about Chennai and if theres any place that is specific to only Downs'.But I would suggest that you contact National Institute of Mentally Handicapped(NIMH) in Secunderabad and ask them for what you are specifically looking for.They usually have a directory of institutes/ schools across the country.I worked there for a short time about 12 years ago and found them very helpful with information for parents of special children.

You can also check out their link


yeskumar 2010-08-30 18:40:38


Defects in Speech,Vision and Hearing are common among kids with Downs Syndrome,I learnt.My daughter cant able to pronounce some Alphabets,so her speech is not clear.Its so nice to know that u r a Speech therapist.What practice can my kid have to talk clearly?



 Former member 2010-08-30 22:01:10


Typically once a Speech and Language evaluation is completed the therapist will have a good idea as to how delayed the language is and what exact sounds are being misarticulated.With this information and with the knowledge of presence of any other deficits/ strengths an individual plan will have to be drafted for each child to address the language development and articulation correction(pronunciation).

It is useful to pursue therapy however slow the progress might seem.What usually helps is when you have an entire team of professionals working with the child since this helps expose the child to many different areas that the child may not have experienced earlier.Since the condition manifests differently in different children and the intellectual, motor, auditory processing capabilities varies across children there is no common textbook for children with a certain condition.( For eg, Down's Syndrome is a term that only tells us that there are a certain set of features that are present in a given child- it doesnt tell us about the capabilities or weaknesses in individual children).

Hence, in short, I would suggest that you get your child assessed by a team for IQ, Speech and language, Occupational therapy etc  so that you will have a complete idea about her abilities.

BTW one of my colleagues gave me a referral for a place exclusively for Down's in Bangalore- its called Divya Down's Development  trust in Bangalore.They might be able to help you out with info on whats available in Chennai.Their website is

Good luck.


 Former member 2010-08-30 22:32:38


Also check out this link

Down's Syndrome Federation of India seems to be in Chennai


yeskumar 2010-08-31 18:05:56


What does Occupational therapy mean?


 Former member 2010-09-01 12:47:14


Occupational therapists usually evaluate a child's motor skills(how well they can use their hands, legs,and their body) with respect to the space around them.For example there are activities necessary for daily living such as holding a pencil correctly and hand positioning to write or to comb hair.Many times disabled children might seem to come about as being 'clumsy' when they walk or when they are handling food.These are indications that OT is necessary.For most of these skills its better to start early than wait for the child to grow up to an age when the behaviour wouldnt be acceptable anymore.


NJ 2010-09-01 13:49:16


yeskumar, I think you may know about this group. If not I suggest you to join . Here most members have child with disabilities and so you may find it very helpful to network with other parents and professionals working with children having disabilities. I have joined this group ever since we learnt that my son has autism and the most important for me is the comfort in knowing that I am not alone...



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