Child Lack focus and have short concentration span

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Vandubobby 2010-07-14 18:37:21


Hi All,

We are facing a problem that our child (6 year old daughter) lacks focus on completing task in hand, though she is very intelligent and picks up things quite well but very frequently gets distracted somewhere and loose concentration. Even her class teached pointed this out that she is good in studies, but does not focus when teacher is talking about something specific, hence misses on what has been told.

Want to know, if any other parents are facing such problem with their child and if you have some recommendations or tips to get over this problem with our daughter, it will be helpful

aanchal 2010-07-14 19:54:51


check out the following links

poor attention and concentration is a very common problem. u will find many resources on parentree alone :)


shobha 2010-07-14 21:33:50




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