6 year old son refuses to write and read at school

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csma 2016-07-01 19:11:21


Hi, My son did his nursery in Montessori method.we changed his school for first std to a cbse school.its been a month he refuses to read and write has even told his teachers that he doesn't know anything not even abc..he is not even participating in anything.he has learnt abc, three letter words,word family 1-100,backward numbers, after before n missing numbers,single digit addition n subtraction.he used participate in all d activities in his previous school esp group discussion and storytelling has got As in spelling but somehow doesn't want to do anything in present school.they finished 1st test and he has not written anything.the school HM n teachers are telling its best to demote him.when I asked them to give him some time they r telling its already been a month n they have no hopes abt him improving.The HM says maybe he has an eye problem or a writing disability or is lazy.i even got an eye test done his sight is perfectly fine. I know he is good at reading n writing coz at home he tries read the words on pamphlets n tries to write his favourite things like remote pencil ...on his own without asking me for help.he picked up talking in Hindi by watching TV.i do make him practice at home everyday. They ve stopped writing in his HW diary from past 2 days when asked they r telling v ve decided to demote him hence not writing the diary. . I am really sorry for the long post but I am very stressed as my child's future is at stake shd I really agree to demote my child to UKG as they say first grade portions are too high for him or do I ve other options.please help.

RoshMom 2016-07-02 13:11:13


Hi csma, The Montessori atmosphere is very different  from a CBSE school atmosphere. So obviously your child will take some time to settle down. It's the  teacher responsibility to make the child feel comfortable in the classroom. If she cant, it shows the inefficiency of the teacher. I feel one month time is too short to evaluate a child as weak. I would suggest you to pull your child out of this school and admit him in a child friendly school even if it's a small school. If they are not ready to give time now, they may not have time to teach the child at his pace and they may rush through, to complete the syllabus. So my advice is to look for a better school. 

csma 2016-07-03 14:10:14


Hi RoshMom,
Thanks for the reply,i do have a feeling tat my child needs time but the school is not ready to listen to this.When i talked to my kid abt the issue he says that his mam says he doesnt know anything,has hit him with the diary on his head and is punished twice. My son is an introvert i took a lot of persuation from my side for him to open up. Its not that he does not know to write he is just not willing to write /read in the class.

csma 2016-07-03 14:13:29


and abt the rushing things they ve already finished 2 chapters in all the subjects as well as the first test - which my son did not write again though i taught him . Is this common in all the cbse schools?


123anu 2016-07-16 12:21:35


Hi csma ,
Now my son is in LKG , As you said the same here also in my sons case also he is good in studies and in writing and concentration though they need time to settle.
cos Montessori method is play and learn main stream school thy need sit and learn which is very difficult to get adjust to that kind of atmosphere all of a sudden ,
My son was the role model kid in his class when he is in Montessori .not even a week got a call from the school saying your son is refuse to write he talks back , for everything he will say no and he will start talking and play in school .he was the best example for negative behaviour for everything just in a week .
we went and met teacher . we requested teacher give him settle time all kids are different and settlement time is different.What i feel these teachers doesn't put effort get a kid in their control by their soft and lively nature .it their equally responsibility like parents .they expect child to write when thy say to write without thinking about child capability .i took that as a positive comment and explained my sons character to teacher .next meeting my son should the other way arround for good behaviours he should be example as in earlier school.
We decided to work together for a week but they dint to an effort but i start convince my son in so many ways as if u listen to madam in school i will also listen to you .Give try for a 15 days dont force the school if your kid end up in bad teacher experience he never likes the school . many school are there get change the school  .try to convince your him more about how the new school how it works like double the count of Montessori strength , not expect a individual attention all the time ,need to sit for an  hours ,play time will be based on period not like play and learn talk about teacher she is good she likes you if you do listen to her .
Now my son writes and  listen about syllabus but dont listen to madam other things like sit in a particular bench ,talk to friends so on .Now working on that now hope the best .


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