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ask2603 2016-04-30 14:57:44


Hii Anchal,
My kid Aarush is 4 years old, loves to play a lot. Every time he is running,jumping and kind of stuff. He cannot concentrate on things, mostly studies. Learning basics like recognition of letters and numbers is the thing ,he hasn't started yet. After repetitive telling and teaching also he doesn't remember. On the other side many of the rhymes and songs...may be cartoon series title songs and film songs...that he listens frequently...he sings very easily. If I try to sit with him for completing his home assignments/work sheets he sits for a very little time.. and don't want to indulge himself.. All other activities are fine...only the problem with studies. Please help...his teacher also tells that u should give more time to his studies.

RoshMom 2016-04-30 19:20:29


If I may pitch in.... Your son seems to have a combination of auditory and kinesthetic learning style i.e learning by doing. So why dont you make use of them and make your child learn? For example if he likes to sing, sing a song for alphabets and numbers. make him sing in his own tune for the alphabets and record and play it for him. If he likes to jump around, mark spots randomly and make him jump from one spot to another to show you the alphabet strokes like how one writes. for e.g to write alphabet A you start from the top and go towards bottom in a slanting way and again start from the top to go towards bottom in the other direction. you may play a game 'I spy' with him to look for the alphabets around the house ( in calendar, posters, books covers, on labels on packaged food, newspaper) so he can move around and at the same time learn. Children learn through play and exploration. So for now just be lenient with his worksheets. Focus on learning, not just completing worksheets.  hope this helps


ask2603 2016-05-01 06:57:02


Actually he sings the songs also for alphabets.... But while recognizing them.. He goes with random answers.. Nevertheless I will try your solution and will update


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