how to overcome Dyslexia

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prabhavmom 2016-04-28 13:39:20


Hello everyone,
I am mother of 9yr old ADHD boy. he cant write on his own ,independently. if i hold his hand then only he writes. 
how to overcome this problem? any suggestions.
Thanks in advance

prabhavmom 2016-12-02 12:02:29


hello guldeep,
Need your advice in treating dyslexia. What course of action can be taken. My son was in a regular school till UKG. Becoz of the behaviour issues i put him in sparsh special school.  Even the principal of the regular school doesn't want my child to continue in the school. Initially my son improved in Sparsh. But later he started imitating the mannerisms of other children who are far way behind. My son has good speech, quick learner. Many a times i told the concerned teacher of sparsh to look into his writing thing...but no use. Major problem is cant write on his own . his hyperactivity is another major concern. but if one to one attention provided he is very normal.
i want to put him in a Regular school. i do not want him to continue in Sparsh special school any more. Plz suggest what to do further to improve in his academics.
Thanks in advance.



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