Seeking 'Class 2 admission' for high functioning hyperactive kid in 'Chennai'

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nram07 2016-02-04 05:53:17


My 6+ year old son is a hyperactive high-functioning kid. He has classroom behavior issues. Academically brilliant, has very good communication skills in both English, Tamil and also has eye to eye contact. Partial rotor skill issues. Rides his bicycle, is very good at roller skates etc.,

We found out about his issues when we moved him from playschool for class 1 last June to an international school in chennai. The school gave us the admission, but came back to us in 2weeks asking us to appoint a shadow teacher. The reason cited was, the class teacher is spending a lot of time with him and other kids are not getting attention.

We posted an Ad, ran around and found a good shadow teacher but on the higher end. The situation started improving and he has shown a lot of progress. We have also started workign on Homeopathy medicine, his diet as gut has an effect on behavior.,

But the school has come back now mentioning he still has behavior issues, especially classroom talking and shouting at times and want us to withdraw his admission, inspite of we providing a shadow teacher. He does not understand the environment boundaries on what to talk at times. The issues are far minor than what they mentioned in the early days.

This came as a shock to my wife and me as we were convinced he was on the right track with lots of promises. We are looking out for schools in and around for his Class 2 Admission. We are also planning to talk to the management of the school. His psychologist and Doctors have strongly told us that he needs to be in a regular school as he has only behavioral issues, and that he can overcome if the school supports.

I really will appreciate if someone can point to inclusive schools or, schools that can understand kids like my son, in Chennai.
(we are based out of chennai)

YPVS 2016-02-19 21:03:59


Hi pls try APL Global .thx

RajaRaja 2018-07-21 16:00:19


Hello YPVS:Can you please send your whatsapp number..we live in Chennai and will be happy in receiving your suggestions.Thanks

Aari1 2019-09-19 15:34:58


Hi YPVS My son is also like yours. My son is 4 years now and can communicate his need and recently started to form sentences. Your son is quite grown up now. Can you please share his condition now and what treatments you followed.

Tintin2013 2020-03-03 18:44:29


Hello nram07, by now i believe you would have found the right path for your son. I face similar issues with my 6 year old at present, and appreciate any guidance based on your experience. If any other parents from the group can help, it would also be great. TIA

tsnap299 2022-02-20 20:30:11


Hi nram07 Is there a email / phone number to reach you?



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