How to improve my son's writing speed?

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06112012 2019-07-15 17:13:31


His daily school work was in complete. He is slow in writing? Any suggesstion to improve his writing speed. In his class most of the children completed there work. But he can't. On thing is that my son was very talkative? he can speak with any one.

aanchal 2019-07-16 06:35:15


Slow writing speed is the symptom. You need to find out what€™s causing it. A few can be: 
Sweaty palms causing poor grip
poor digit strength
poor writing posture
slow hand movement
poor vision or visual skills
distractibility/ patience
poor sitting tolerance

You haven€™t mentioned his age and grade. Figure out if speed is different for different types of writing:
copying from board
copying from a notebook
creative writing
memory writing

email me your further observations. My email is 

1204 2019-10-23 18:57:28


Hi my daughter is in 4 the grade but she is very slow in writing, actually she has lost all her interst in writing , she thinks she can't write. She faces problem in copying from board, creative writing, copying from notebook is still better but some has to keep asking her to write fast. She writes quickly when we dictate her, though few spelling are incorrect. Can you help how to make her write. She even leaves her exams incomplete, she is good in studies but cannot score because of slow writing speed


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