integrated therapy in bangalore for my globally delayed child

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SRaammm 2015-04-09 04:12:47


Hello fellow parents. 
We are relocating to bangalore from Sydney, Australia for our 4 year old girl. 
Our journey has been massive. We have come a long way but still a lot left for my daughters development. She isn't walking, talking. She never crawled, creeped. And now she is globally severely delayed in her development. :-(

I am looking for wonderful physiotherapist , speechie, and OT please.

need your valuable suggestion. I know about vaidehi, I met the team in my last visit to India. They look knowledgeable. 
My husbands office is in manyata tech park. So vaidehi would be too far. I am confused between  MS ramaiya memorial paediatric rehab and  vaidehi. 
Whitefield locality is closer to indira nagar , so I can explore various other options available. 
I would appreciate if you all could please guide me through. Am feeling lost !!

 Former member 2015-06-04 22:09:51


Try Com Deall

ashu07 2015-06-15 10:52:34


you can try Viha, Play street which is in marath halli

SRaammm 2015-06-16 09:58:45


Thanks a lot Ratan76 and Ashu07

we are located near kundanhalli gate.  So marathalli is a good option for me.

just a quick update about my Experience so far in vaidehi . We have started physio, Ot in vaidehi. The physio session is going good.
have to start with speech too. 

Currently its its a lot on us, as my child is globally delayed.
also, do we have any parents support group meetings anywhere. That would be really helpful to me, in interacting with parents and sharing ideas and options.

thanks again. :-)


ShantiM 2022-08-06 18:54:27


Hi ,
We are also staying in Kundalahalli.

Can you please suggest any good behavioural therapist ?


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