Need a good Occupational and Speech Therapist near Hadapsar, Pune for 3 year girl

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rittu84 2014-09-29 09:34:05


Hi Friends,
My daughter is 3 years old and she is hyperactive. Though she is very smart and sharp, she is unable to speak age appropriately. She continuously babbles something but never focus on learning the word or sentences. She is very fidgety and inattentive.Also she has difficulty sitting at one place, even for 3-4 minutes.She also throws temper tantrums.
We got her evaluated both from a speech therapist and a paediatrician.
As per them, she should undergo Occupational Therapy first. Even they are not aware of any such Occupational Therapist who can help us.
Please let me know if you are aware of any Occupational Therapist near Hadapsar area in Pune, Maharashtra.
If possible, let me know a good speech therapist near Hadapsar as well so that her sessions will be convenient.


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