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shwetaajay 2014-09-25 14:57:12


My 3 yr old is not sitting in class. He is crying a lot and only run and jump to his class.
I live in pune. Someone suggest me to consult with archna kadam.  Anybody know about Dr Archna in jahangir hospital . 

PritiGlo 2014-09-29 20:57:34


Hi Shweta

I had been to two docs when my son was 2.4. He is now 3.4. A year ago, he had the same issues of not sitting, just wanting to run around. Thankfully he has calmed down a lot.

Dr. Archana Kadam at jehangir is a developmental pedi. She also consults at KEM. There is a long wait time to get her apt but its worth it. You will need to call her assistant Anajali between 5.30-7.30 pm to get an apt. She can give you either for Jehangir or KEM. Her # is 9822682759.

I also went to Dr. Bhooshan Shukla. His apts are easier to get. He has his clinic at both karve rd and Aundh. Karve rd number is, Trimiti clinic, 020 32319922. Sorry I cant seem to find the Aundh clinic number but you can call karve rd and ask them if its a better location for you.

My suggestion is, call Anjali and get an apt for Dr Archana. And in the mean time, you can consult Dr Bhooshan as well.

Hope this helps you.



shubhi8 2014-10-08 16:54:04


Hi PritiGo,
Can you please tell me what the treatment was all about to stop this? my son also wants to jump around all the time and never sit at one place... 
I live at hyderabad so don't think its possible to consult the doctor you have mentioned. 
Hope to hear from you on this.



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