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smitha1 2014-09-19 10:49:51


My five-year-old son, studying in Vibgyor, Horamavu finds it difficult to focus. This is his first year in this school. The teacher  says I must seek help from a counselor. However, our pediatrician is of the opinion that our child is normal and only needs encouragement and patience on the part of the teacher and parents. He said that problem arises when the teacher compares him with other kids.

The teacher does not show any signs of wanting to help the child. Instead, she has just passed it on to us, the parents. He was a very enthusiastic child, but is now lost in his world of 'chotha bheem,' 'doremon,' etc..

If I try to share some thoughts (General Knowledge, studies) with him, he turns away, and seem to be 'floating' somewhere. Does he really need help, or is it a passing phase?

During two of the functions in the school, he was made to stand in the end since he can't dance well. The teacher at all times seemed indifferent and completely disinterested in him.

Should I seek help from the class coordinator or principal since I get the feeling that the teacher is not even interested in talking to me and making things work. 

What should we do as parents? Please advice.


smitha1 2014-09-23 19:31:34


Thanks a lot. I'll try my best...

Shet 2014-09-26 14:59:27


It will be good if you can have initial assessment and then take the appropriate steps. It will be good to identify these in early ages and can be corrected easily if required. Also school will play an important role in shaping the child future, if they are not cooperative then speak to principal and change the section atleast for this year.

vinitadeepak 2014-10-10 21:15:12


My son is 12 yrs 9 months old and is in class 7.
He has learning issues and is not able to focus on studies at all.

He can watch TV or play TV based games for hous together - even 6 to 10 hours but when it comes to study or anything to do with it - even talk about studying - he gets irritated and shouts and screams.
When he is away from TV for a while - and he often realizes that he should study but he is not able to.
When he does sit down to study (which is very rare) - he cannot focus - seems not to understand and then gets frustrated and says he cannot and will not.
Earlier he was an average student - now in class 7 he is not able to cope at all - his scores have now dropped to 20-25% from 50-60% last year.
We have all kinds of tests and diagnosis done - docs say he does not have ADHD or similar - he is very intelligent otherwise.
I am worried - what should we do?


Innozen 2015-08-16 22:13:28


It is 10 months ago that you had this query. Not sure if you already have an answer. However I felt I should provide a feedback for your concerns. Why don't you make a plan for him to ensure that he fills up study time in between entertainment times that he spends watching TV or playing games? By a proper daily schedule to cover all important activities that he needs to complete, he can be brought back into competition with other Children. To help him follow this daily plan, you may also reward him with some entertainment times or buying something for him that he likes. That way, you can ensure he is back on track. Hope this helps. Please do feedback once you implement this or ignore if you already have an answer.



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