Need help for my 3 years old ADHD son (Doctors, Parents)

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nivie 2014-07-30 10:08:02


I am a mother of 3 year old son, please let me know if there are any parents who can guide me.
We live in Bangalore for the last 3 years and have visited multiple pediatrics doctors but none of them could suggest a right path. The symptoms that he shows are:

1. No speech till now; Has his own language likes - "Da - Da" 
2. Doesn't sleep at night [sleeps most of the day, but awake from 9 PM - 9 AM]
3. Shows tantrums and gets angry especially at night.
4. At day the hyperactivity is controllable but at night it increases exponentially.
5. Still at bottle feed of Lactogen and Cerelac.
6. Doesn't like to drink water.
7. Only music can control him [Rhymes, songs, internet videos]
Would be grateful if parents and doctors can guide me

Thanks and Regards,
Nivedita Dutta Roy 

SandyB 2014-08-01 16:09:27


Hi Nivie, my now five year old daughter had similar issues. She was diagnosed to have Sensory Integration issues. With rigorous therapy she has now overcome most of these issues.  

You may want to take your son to a developmental pediatrician who would be able to guide you well. I am from Mumbai so I don't really know any developmental pediatricians in Bangalore. But in case I come to know of any I will surely let you know.
Please feel free to inbox me if you have any queries about my daughters therapy.


Malya88 2014-08-07 22:51:53


Hi Nivie,

I have a 3 year old son who was diagnose with autism in Australia. His symtoms are quite similar to what you mention. It is sensory problem indeed. In India, most pediatrition are not so exposed/aware of autism. It is a growing problem in boys, mostly. Most parents in India have to go through multiple doctors and spending a lot of money before they get the right diagnosis for their child. My son is going through therapy (OT) and I meet a lot of parents at the centre. The symtoms you mentioned could be ADHD + autistic, it's just my guess. 

Autism causes speech and developmental delay. My son babble words like "pow", "cha cha", "K", "kwee" etc...basically words that doesn't mean anything and doesn't make up a sentence. He also has sleep problem. He is not chewing so only eating porridge (soft). He loves music. Only drink his milk and water from the a specific bottle. Very particular due to sensory issue. Well, the symptoms are almost similar, just a few differences.

I would suggest you seek a doctor who is aware of autism so that you get a proper diagnosis and quickly look for a proper therapy centre. You can google for Occupational Therapist and Speech Therapist in your area. Early Intervention is most important. The more you delay, the later the results. I am just sharing my thoughts as a mother and hopefully my feedback is helpful to you. 



MR123 2014-08-14 10:49:28


Dear ….

My sister also faced a similar situation with her daughter. We were not sure what to do after my niece was diagnosed. I did a lot of research online and found Rima Shah, a therapist, on a website called HealthEminds and she was extremely helpful. We also watched Rima’s video on AHDH before booking a session with her and found it very informative and also found Rima very approachable (Link).

My sister was able to openly talk to Rima about her daughter’s situation as Rima specializes in AHDH in children. It was very convenient as my sister had some sessions with her online and then when Rima wanted to meet my niece to see what was going on we went to meet her in person. Ever since the day my sister and niece met Rima and started sessions with her I have seen an improvement in my niece’s behaviour.  Hope this information will help you.

ashu07 2014-08-21 12:01:43


Hi nivi why cant you try ABA?  I had a same problem with my child.. Tried lot of places nothing worked:(.. Someone refered me about ABA .. I met Mr Praveen explained my confusions problems didn't say anything asked some time from us .. started intervention.. within 3 months he got nonverbal interaction using sighns.. now he got some words.. sleeping quite well, playing with lot oof toys.. eye contact improved. So try some ABA I hope it will help to your child

2tendersteps 2014-09-23 17:18:26


Nivie can you email me your number at thanks


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