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sadiqbasha 2014-06-16 20:28:58


Dear Friends,


We are living in middle east and due to the shortage of qualified teacher the education in schools is not quite good. Unlike India we cannot arrange for home tuitions. When we send my son to private tuitions he gets the same as he gets in school because of overcrowding. I am exploring the option of online home tuitions. Can anyone suggest me if these are worth. If so which one do you suggest?

avyuktd01 2014-07-22 09:57:48


Hi! It is a very good option and there are a couple of advnatges for it as well - 1) you can monitor the tution yourself and gauge its effectiveness 2) the kid doenst have to travel and this saves a lot of time 3) this is far safer than sending the child elsewhere. Also, these days there are a lot of forums and websites where you can register and select the tutors- you could ask for a demo session and read reviews as well online. Go for it!


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