9th class tuistion

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mnmn 2014-02-07 14:00:11


hi friends
I feel very proudly that I am a member of this community .sometimes we faces many problems and unable to solve.but this forum help us in many ways.now my problem and confusion is that my daughter next year going to 9th standard and she is average in maths and science so what should i do shall keep her in a tuition just after the final exam.because I hard 9th syllabus is the beginning of x . x wiil be easy if she more concentrate in ix.please help

Acedroid 2014-02-17 20:15:15


Hi friends 
my son is also will also be in 10 std next year and he as infant suffered from epilepsy but it was treated in nimhans and he was perfectly ok.but he is suffering from ADHD  and I ignored it for years .but I am seein it's effect on his studies..he cannot grasp maths at all ,how hard we try.pl somebody can suggest me good therapist who can really help me or good doctors..



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