Autistic child diet

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Ridas 2013-06-14 05:25:41


Hi, friends ,  

im new to this block as my baby is 2 yrs old and she had a developmental delay ,and she is risk to autism I want to know diet but one. Question is is she can take idly ,dosa in her diet Booz it's a fermenting method just curious to any thing help is gr8 4 me .

thanks in advance

aanchal 2013-06-14 11:25:41


GFCF diets help in case of children with autism. but your child is just 2. developmental delay as a diagnosis is difficult to establish unless significantly pronounced. i hope you have a clinical diagnosis done, and are not relying on simple observations.

about detailed dietary guidance, always consult a pediatric nutritionist. if you are in bangalore, visit manipal hospital. they have a good pediatric cell.


Ridas 2013-06-14 12:45:13


 Aanchal thanks for the advice,I really appreciate.



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