symptoms of adhd of my kid 5yrs

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shusha 2013-06-03 22:09:26


Hi Frnz

My child is 5yrs old n was goin to normal play school in bangalore and has improved but does not show interest in writing part and lacks concentration. And they feel it could be mild ADHD.

We are really clueless how to begin with. Kindly suggest some schools for slow learners and an good doctors whom we should consult further. And we are completly distressed.

She is rejected by many schools which advertise hemselves as inclusive ... can u pls suggest..

Thanx a lot.....

rad1234 2013-06-04 07:19:55


Hi Shusha,

My first suggestion to you  to check with your child's paediatrician and get him examined. It would be better if you consult a child psychologist too. They would be the best ppl to tell you how to proceed.

There are a lot of good places in B'lore. To start with you can call CommDeall @ Hutchins Road , Cooke's Town. They would be able to help you.

Please don't get distressed and lose hope. Your child will improve with proper guidance and intervention. It is very important to choose a proper school with good env so that it does not scar your child. Learning has to be fun for him.

Also check with Five India in Bangalore. They should be able to guide you .

Good luck and be positive. Your child will only be happy and confident if you are positive and optimistuc.






aanchal 2013-06-04 08:10:49


just because a child is not sitting for reading and writing, we cannot diagnose ADHD or slow learning.

ADHD is a serious developmental block. a casual statement by schools on a child 'perhaps' having ADHD is absolutely immature.

many children are over-active by nature. this is different from ADHD. not sitting down to do activities can have various reasons. you need to sort it out properly.

a pediatrician is not a good person to screen ADHD (generally i have learnt that because the doctors give 5-10 minutes to each patient, they do not have enough time to develop rapport with the child. without the rapport, the child doesnt feel comfortable in responding and the doctors confirm ADD/ADHD). you should go to a psychologist first.

check these links too:


jineshc3 2013-06-04 11:42:17


 Hi Susha ,


i too had face same problem last year , i stay in mumbai ,

even my kid was not being admitted in normal regular school.

special school denies , says admitt him in regular school as he is not in their category .

so we had his admission in regular school with stating a letter to school that will see for the 2 years in school & then decide . we are now very much tensed as after an year he cant manage like other , but had improved a much .

so have faith in yourself as well as child .

all will be good.

Just convince regular school to give admission .


Best regards



shusha 2013-06-05 22:38:46



Met an child psychologist today and they just evaluated my kid and the report was done based on our discussions.

As the second step , they wanted to conduct an iq test for her and they will let us know further. Now, should we wait for the whole process to be done and look for the school accordingly or take two more child psychiatrists opinions too. totally confused here.

My kid cried continuously today after seeing other kids goin to school. She too wanted to go and it was really sad .

Rechecked with the regular schools if they can admit her but not got an positve answer frm them.. cluesless how to go further ?

Kindly suggest and let us know schools accordingly in north bangalore.










aanchal 2013-06-06 10:30:22


Shusha: have sent you a PM.


zumbaleena 2013-06-06 15:43:19


pls get the child checked - she does not sound like adhd to me. adhd should be a vv hyperactive kid


jineshc3 2013-06-08 14:19:09


 Thanks Arunaot ,


It is very useful , we shall check it out ourself & get to point where our kids are .


Thanks a lot



shusha 2013-06-08 19:03:36


Hello Arunot

Thanx a lot for your info. Will check on these..

Thanx again.....



shusha 2013-06-08 19:09:14


Hi Zumbaleena

Thanx for your msg. Will check with the doc.




Chikni 2013-08-20 16:09:56


 Hi i m lovena   What to do if a child has adhd I m doing remedial n am doing ot at hom


haiamit 2013-08-20 16:56:55


 We also faced same issue.You can check Dr.Yeshaswini from reach koramangala or Spastic society in indiranagar


Chikni 2013-08-21 18:21:57


 Hi I m in Mumbai borivli somebody ther here can u let's knw wht the doc told u


Chikni 2013-08-21 18:23:52


 Can any body let me know schools in borivli 


Chikni 2013-08-23 08:14:23


 Hi wher is dew drops learng j p nagar .Iwhat is aba . I had d one diagnosis  whn he was 4 yrs n nw he is 9 yrs it is still ther . Wher can I do attentn corses in Mumbai or what can I do to improv him


Viddu123 2014-04-19 19:54:25


Hai chikni,I am also parent of LD kid,doing remedial,OT at hm,can we communicate to share the things about our kids

bamidi 2014-04-21 21:30:16


Plz check

Chikni 2014-04-29 22:50:16


Hi wher r u located
how old is ur child
which school 
Yes v can share about r childrn 


Chikni 2014-04-29 22:51:49


why u hav sent dis address 

Viddu123 2014-05-19 18:29:21


Hai chikni,we r in Hyderabad,I would like to know what OT activities r u doing for ur kid?my son is 11yrs old,I am making him do OT excercises for an hour everyday with guidance of a otcian.his balance,grass motor has been improved,now targets for me are making him do hopping on one leg,skipping,eating roti,dosa with one hand,if u know any activities to get improvements in these issues,can u pl share? Thank u

76powaimum 2014-07-30 10:19:06


Hi I m also from Mumbai Powai. Can u plz help me finding inclusive school for my 6 yr old son. He is very hyper n hv developmental delays. Right now he is in sr kg podar jumbo kids. But I m not getting support from school n teacher is not cooperative with us. Feeling lost n worried abt my child . Thanks.


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