My daughter 4.6 yr old has Learning disability

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7575 2013-01-11 18:16:56


Hi All, I am very worried parent of a 4 yr old girl. We live in germany . We speak english and kannada at home , my daughter goes to a kindergarten here. She speaks good english but less kannada and little german but can understand german more than she can speak. She was premature , born at 31 weeks of my pregnancy.. she was on ventilator for about 5 days and then in hospital for about a month. she weighed only 1.6 kgs. She was always late in reaching her milestones. She first walked herself at 1.6 yr s and after that also. she took few weeks to actaully walk independently. All her milestones were way delayed. Her teacher at school called me once and told me,, she had big problems with climbing steps, balancing in gym and walking for even 200 mts. I always knew it but somehow thought she is a late learner and will cope up. But I was asked to consult the Early intervention center. After few rounds of test... she was asked to undergo.. occupational therapy and special education. Few things I have noticed in her 1. Cannot zip her jacket 2. has problem climbing stairs 3. keeps falling 4. walks on her tip toes.. especially the left foot and she cannot stand or hop on her left foot. 5. cannot do puzzles... she does 1 or 2 puzzels 6. doesnt hold her pencil right even after repeatedly saying so 7. cannot memorise all the alphabets.. knows only few.. same with numbers 8. colouring is okay.. but she gets distracted .. cant concentrate even for few minutes.. 9. gets frustarted.. whn she cant put together puzzels or doesnt get what she wants But she is very intelligent kid.. She has very good memory. She can remember the smell.. even though she wud have smelled it like 6 months ago. She remembers conversations made or spoken abt very well. She gives very instant answers.. doesnt have to really think . Can remember stories read to her and can narrate in bits and pieces in english and german. She deosnt have any friends after school hours.. she is alone at home . We were on a holiday for a month in India and she hardly spoke any kannada till then... but she picked up so fast in one month. This June she shoukd be in LKG. I am very worried that it ll be a lot of pressure for her in bangalore schools. But on the other hand.. she ll have very good company to play and kids learn around kids very well... I am a confused parent. I am thinking whether I should return to India and put her to LKG or stay in germany for another year or so. but then tht ll also be too late.
Please help me with your suggestions and what i could do to improve her. Everyday .. for abt 2 hrs.. we do worksheets and do puzzels and write alphabets numbers.. but nothing can beat the school environment with children around. Kids learn faster. here in germans schools... they just allow kids to play around and nothing is really thought. At the age of 6 they start schooling. and there is a reason behind it.. kids get their logical thinking at that age and easy to teach them and they learn faster. Unfortunately in India its not so. And parents like me are worried to death.. how can our kids cope with the blessed kids who have good fine and gross motor skills.  

srinivasbangalore 2013-01-11 19:09:43


Hi 7575,

I think you should not be worrying too much about your daughter. Parents like us always have hard time to make our kids improve or learn or pick up some life skills. Going by what you have written, your daughter must be missing playing with kids of her age. I think social skills play a very critical role in the early development of a child. My son was less talkitive but when he started mingling with his cousins (we stayed with them for 15 days away), he learnt a lot of words and started framing sentences. Yes, being with other kids always help. Here in India, kids are taught to write and hold the pencil to attain the grip by the time they are 3.6 years. Which is by the time kids are in UKG, they would more or less know how to grip a pencil. Apart from that, they would know alphabets, colors, identifying objects, listening to voices, counting numbers (1-100), and few other skills.

Mull over and see what best you can provide for your kid.

Hope this helps.



mylittleworld 2013-04-01 18:27:48



Have you tried waldorf parenting or heard about Steiner education. Since you are in Germany, You must explore!



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