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Arvindb 2009-12-29 04:11:51


Can somebody suggest a good Psychologist in Bangalore. My kid has been diagnoised with Learning Disability and i need to get a second opinion. Please respond quickly if you know a good doctor.

mamta123 2009-12-29 11:05:33


Hi ,

consult anna thomas at st johns or satish girimaji/shekar seshadri at NIMHans.


Take care .


 Former member 2010-08-30 22:41:06


Both NIMHANS and Dr.SRCISH (Dr.S.R.Chandrasekhar institute of Speech and Hearing)do assess for Learning Disabilities.They conduct objective tests for the pathway in the brain that process information.


jairamdinesh 2010-09-01 22:29:50


 hi there  is a school in salem  for Learning Disability Student. 

i do not have the no at present cal me @ 09894008888

i will get the no if u r interested.


Venutha 2010-12-14 09:59:05


Alternatively, you can also reach Dr. Akhila on 9741377148. She runs a schoool for children with ADHD and learning disabilities.



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