Please suggest best Occupational Therapist and Speech Therapist.

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kmvs 2012-12-24 09:04:40


Hello All,

I recently come from abroad. My son is 3 yrs and 4 months. But not yet started talking in sentences. When I went to Pediatrician, they suspect Autism. But Since we were in abroad for quite a long time, they asked us to wait for 2 months (just to confirm it as Autism or not). In the mean time they asked us to go for Occupational Therapy and speech therapy. Hence please help me to find good OT and Speech Therapist. At present I am going for OT to Dr. Balaji in "Buds to Blossom". It is bit far from my place. Is anyone have gone to FiveIndia in Ashok nagar. That will be quite near to my place. Please pour in your valuable comments and suggestion.


Lita 2012-12-24 23:12:10


 Checkout " parents of autistic children " group there are few suggestions 



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