wrting problem for 6.5 years old child

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pavanik 2009-11-25 20:53:18


My son is in 1std. He is not at all intrested in studies. We took him to a pshycriatis and was diagnoised as ADHD.

He is very good orally, when it comes to writing he is unable to complete his work and he is very stubbon. I am a working mother. HAs any one faced such probelma and can help in handling the child.

Venutha 2009-12-03 09:28:21


You can reach the organization 'Prayatna' on (080)-22280831. You can also visit their website www.Prayatna.org.


prats 2009-12-03 21:57:33



I have a 9 year old son, who is in the 4th now. I have had this same problem with him. I am also a working mother.

My son has good communication and can express himself well, and knows what is going on in the class. But when it comes to writing, he is lost. It is very untidy.

 When you sit with him for HW, giv ehim a task for 10 minutes, then give him a 10 minute break. Just follow this routine. I used to do it. Actually still follow it, just that the study stretches are now 20 minutes and breaks for 15 minutes.

Another thing I did was, I made up songs and rhymes, to teach him stuff. I also tried to show him things rather than make him memorise. That made the work interesting for him. 

I noticed that the main reason why his handwriting is untidy, is becasue he is in a hurry to finish it. Tell him to slow down.see if that works. Reward him when he makes an effort. that hleps a lot.

In a year or two, introduce him to MS Power point. Allow him to express himself with that. You can then make him do assignents related to school work using PPT. Kids who love to talk totally enjoy this. He can chose a topic, search the net and make his own ppt. That way, he learns his lesson, and gets to express him self too. And the process is very funfilled.

Introduce your child to Google Earth. Teach him to google things like fruits, animals etc. You can do this on weekends with your child. Its a great learnign experience and good parent cild bonding too.

In the end, I think your child is a smart kid, who gets bored in class. You try and make things interesting for him. Have patience. You will surely need it. But most important, make sure he does not feel that you are judging him based on his performance at school. H eis only in the 1st. Frankly it doesnt matter much, till they reach the 8th or 9th. Till then, let him enjoy his childhood. That is his birthright.     

Just some things i did with my child. Try them out. Hope it helps.





Counsellor 2010-04-27 21:45:40


learning for ADHD children is an important issue because due to less attention and restlessness they could not concentate on inputs required for learning. But it is very important to identify the type and degree of ADHD because it help to identify the activities which we can plan and the targets we need to achieve for the child. Please inform in detail about all the issue you find with your child.



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