early interventist & various centres for kids in Hyderabad.

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amits21 2012-04-02 10:55:19


hey ,

 i have a 5 yrs old son with Delayed milestone in ASD spectrum. i hav been running from polesto pillars serching & trying out  various therapist in Hyderabad.. i have realised that our kids can improve in they are in right hands who are passionate about their work & not consider it as business.

I had instanc where a therapist took my son for one hour & later i heard her kitchen activities .& my son came out sleepishly or another on who charged m 1500 for on sitting without shame.,eventually we did find good therapist .

we all are desperate at looking for good therapist in the city .

i would like all parents with special kids to com up with their experience & therapists  early interventist , Occupational therapist ,speech therapist , autism schools & rgard  people

prabir 2012-09-13 21:04:49


contact Ranjita behra,occupational therapist-09441349168 



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