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anujaustin 2012-02-24 15:28:00


 Hi All,

We have two dhildren one in the class of 2nd Girl, 2nd one in LKG which is boy.

While the girl is verry smart, adaptive, good in studies we have boy giving trouble from LKG. 

As per his teachers he has problems picking up writing so that he should repeat LKG.

Of coure they have put up this matter in a very smooth but in a stern way. And

they want us to agree to their decision of failing him in LKG, which we refused.

Because as per us there is nothing wrong with the child,

but he will do only thinks what he feels like, and he hates going to school.

My point of view is that this is not the time where we should pressurise a child in academics, that is the reason they have even taken out the exams, But school is quite adament in their stance and very keen on pushing their decision. As per them if we dont let them fail him in LKG then he wont be able to make any studies in UKG and in that case they won't let him pass UKG.

My question is this,

1,Since there are no official  exams in force how can the school fail a student just because he is not interested in studies?

2,If teachers claim that he is not picking up then can we prove by any other way that he is OK and his IQ level is good enough and no need to repeat in the same class?


awaiting your response.

autismhyd 2012-05-09 19:45:57


if writting is the only criteria it is perfectly fine to continue to ukg. But meanwhile u can make writting interesting by giving him few crafts and arts and slowly he would show interrrest in writting also.


aanchal 2012-05-09 22:06:47


at LKG level a child starts to learn how to write. so speed is out of question. however, if the child is falling behind (as compared to other kids perhaps), then instead of repeating LKG, the better option is to promote the child to UKG + working on his writing skills at home.

also, check RTE website and find out if failing a child till certain grade is legal anymore or not.


Viddu123 2014-01-17 21:04:47


Hello anchalji,first of all would like to appreciate u for guiding parents like me.only because of my son who has learning disability,we left everything in our home town,shifted to Hyderabad for his betterment.i have been taking him for ot,vision therapy,remedial teaching for last 4years.even I got trained in remedial teaching in daap,giving whatever inputs he needs at home also.but he is in a special school.till 3rd standard he was in normal school,principle is having some knowledge about LD.still no support from teachers.we sent him for sake of sending an school,now he is in 4th class.last year we searched for a school where they are having a special educator,offering inclusive education.we couldn't ,we ended up with a school for LD s where more autistic kids are there.but my well wishers,my old school principal are asking he is intelligent enough,why u did so,try something for him.orally he is normal,he can answer like normal kids,but having writing,reading,behavirial issues.not understanding what to do?are there any schools in Hyderabad that suits for my kid?if we get more better support in banglore,we r ready to shift there also for sake of my son.as the reason for shifting to Hyderabad is my son,we can shift to there also for him.which place is having required facilities for kids like this?i have read so many times in India,no such places with the required facilities,but in few  places ,it's better .can u help me in this regard?awaiting for your reply,thank you

aanchal 2014-01-21 10:25:21


before planning to shift to Bangalore, you may try to find better support systems available in Hyderabad. You may contact Mickey, a parentree member from Hyderabad. She gives leads for that city. I will also send her a message.

preethi1 2014-02-04 22:37:24


Hi ,
first of all ur child is blessed to have parents like you who shifted for his betterment  and you also did a course. 
I'm a special educator who recently came back from USA . I did not understand why r u struggling so much to find a good school as ur child is just an L unless he  has behavioural issues concerning peers.
n also I would prefer for him to be in regular school with inclusion set up than to be in a special school. Try to find a school who has knowledge about LD like ur previous school ,who can support him and know his potentials.
im sure you can find one in Hyderabad.
start searching for schools who has comparetively less no of students in class's room and in school.
all the best.


droha81 2015-08-11 11:20:45


Like Anujaustin, i too facing the same problem with my kid who is studying in UKG in a small school in Chennai.
He is 4.5 years old, he is very brilliant and has good memory and fast in grasping things. But, his problem is, he doesn't like writing and it is very tough to make him sit for more than 15 min and practice him writing.
Due to this, his teachers are treating him badly by punishing him not letting to have lunch during lunch break unless he finishes his class work. And he has a habit of vomiting food if some one scolds him, and very painful thing is to inform parents that he vomited food and spoiled class room, the class teacher filled his lunch box with vomit as a message to parents (it might be disgusting for some while reading and i am sorry for that). Last week my wife visited school to address parents meeting and the class teacher treated my wife like a slave and blackmailed that if my son does not join in tuition she may detain him and see that he does not qualify to 1st standard.
 We are bit worried and need some information on qualification system and procedure. One of my colleague shared that schools should not detain a child while pursuing their studied in between LKG to 3rd standard. Is it true? I am really confused and school teachers are so adamant and behaving rude sometimes we are helpless and can feel the pain of my child.
Can anyone help me to know whether is there any rules or law enforced by RTE on qualification criteria for UKG students?
Also i need to know how can deal with such schools who are treating children like this?

Please help...



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