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 Former member 2012-02-20 23:49:43



my son age 3.8yrs diagonised as mild autism.i live in anna nagar.which normal school would be best apart from special school since he is mild.

Laveena 2012-02-21 10:02:05


Your son requires a school where individual attention is given to the children and class strength is minimal. I would suggest Montessori type of education for your child. However, autism in its initial stages needs to be handled well by professionals which can be done only in a special school. A few years of special training would enable your child to get into a normal school eventually. You are a lucky and wise parent who has been able to diagnose the problem at an early age. Many parents do not accept that their child has a problem. Your child will do perfectly fine as he grows up since you have an open mind to deal with the issue right now. Good luck.


NJ 2012-02-21 10:11:45



If your sons symptoms are really mild(you are the best judge) I suggest you try in any of the regular schools and give extra attention at home for the academics. India has not yet reached a stage where there are good inclusive schools. Inclusive education is just talked about, but how much is that getting implemented no one knows. Also its tough to get in good schools in between , but its easy to get in special schools and other medium schools later. So in case you get in a good school go for it. Children learn a lot through imitation and an inclusive setup will help the child. If he is not able to cope even after a few years of being there and with all the extra attention at home, then you can try for a special school.

I dont know of any special/inclusive schools in Annanager, but there is childrens garden(mylapore), vidyasagar , gateway international(omr), harishree vikas(adyar).

As the earlier poster said, a true montessori setup also can help in some of the cases..


NJ 2012-02-21 10:14:19


nilee, You can try in any of the normal schools where the class strength is less(Not in SBOA kind of schools where the strength is 50+). The class strength being near to or a little higher of +5-10 max children more than the playschool he is currently going to should be easier for transitions.


 Former member 2012-02-22 15:28:42


thank u laveena.since we are going for OT,Sp ed,Speech ,yoga as individual sessions with each.still he is not in play school.he can develop peer group attention in normal school. so i am in search of a school which suits him and understands him more for interacting with normal children.


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thank u nj. i will work according to it


dheepu81 2012-02-22 15:33:49


 hi why dont u try a school like sankalp, though its a spl school they have classes based on severity, and strenght is also less, u goto the school and then decide. if u put in a normal school  u will get a lot of complaints, but u cantry montessori school, but u go in person see the schools and then decide




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thank u you know which is best montessori school in annanagar



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