Tackling Dyslexia.

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deepkal 2011-12-23 16:26:35


My son was a dyslexic who had difficulty in reading and writing and alpha to omega school,chennai did an assesment for us and guided us to a special educator near our place.She takes special learning sessions for him and plays scrabble with him.

  After getting the report from the educator ,his school has started taking oral exams for him.I read the textbooks for him and my child has a very good memory which helps him in his exams.After seeing the progress in my son,the school authorities have made me PTA president.




NJ 2011-12-23 23:54:49


Thats great deepkal... The brain always compensates... if there is a deficiency in one skill , another skill will be heightened to compensate for the deficient skill.

All the best......



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