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mukesh25 2011-12-09 18:33:31


Hi, my son is 3 year and 4 month. he is not able to speak many words.                             Up to now he is speeking only the few words like baba and mama. we also realise his Tounge probleme, he is not byting food. he use to take only the soft food.                        swollen from his mouth like small baby. could you please help with this regard so that we can find soulation for my son.

Pari25 2011-12-09 18:57:03


 Hi mukesh25,

Many children develop speech and language a little later than usual. Often, it is nothing to worry much about. However, since you interact with the child everyday, you are the best judge of his development.  If you suspect that something is not alright, you should consult a speech therapist. Speech therapists will assess the child and guide you on what needs to be done. Early intervention always helps in case of developmental issues in children.  So, please consult a speech therapist as soon as possible. All the best. 


mukesh25 2011-12-09 22:25:50


 Hi Pari25,

Thank you for you suggesatio.

Can you please suggest us the goos speech therapist in Pannvel- Mumbai.


Pari25 2011-12-10 14:21:22


 You are welcome. 

I am sorry, I will not be able to refer you to a speech therapist in Mumbai as I do not live there. I suggest you consult your child's paediatrician or your family doctor regarding this matter The doctor you trust and consult regularly would be the best person to evaluate your child and refer him to a speech therapist if necessary. 


div01 2011-12-12 12:51:41


Hi Mukesh,

Your son could have a problem called 'Tounge Tie' which can be cured easily with a small surgery. Check with an ENT specialist near your place.

Good luck


brave 2012-09-30 15:28:57



take ur child to a child also has similar problems.u have to give O.T


armaan91 2017-05-05 08:40:47


I think you better consult an ENT surgeon first for examination , If in Hyderabad go to this ENT Clinic, Doctor is an ENT surgeon with 30 yrs experience, they also have audiologist & speech therapist, my


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